Circles Trending at Spring High Point Furniture Market 2014

I’m back from “Running Circles” at  High Point Furniture Market in High Point North Carolina and excited to share what’s trending for upcoming home style!

Decompressing from the overload of home furnishings style is a common state for many designers in a good way of course! 2014 Market had a different vibe than in past years in my opinion.  There was a little more optimism in the air and I felt that the designs selected by exhibitors were far more glamorous than in past year.  A return to luxury, refined taste and investment pieces.


Let’s start with this amazing horn console by Bernhardt with a circular design!

Color was also forefront this Spring yet the singular most visible trend to me was the use of circles in the design.  In fact, there were so many, that I googled the meaning of circles and here’s an excerpt of what I came across:

Some Circle Symbol-Meaning Keywords
The circle symbol meaning is universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe.
 - From

Here’s just some of my beautiful finds exhibiting the circle trend below:


Wonderful detailed interlocking Circle Lamp by Bassett Mirror


Polished Chrome Circle Tabletop Accessory by Interlude Home




Connecting Circle Mirror by Basset Mirror


A lovely golden toned circle overlay design mirror by Bassett Mirror


Gorgeous black and white circular mirror – another great design by Bassett Mirror


A fun and frilly circular designed mirror by Bassett Mirror


Circle Art resembling an eclipse


More simplistic Circle Art in the design


Wonderful custom Bar Cabinet by John Strauss Furniture of Ohio with the circle design theme


“Rounding” out the evening sipping wine with a circle of friends~

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All Photos: Patti Johnson

Mirror, Mirror

What is it about a mirror?

Why do designers like to use them when adding to a wall? Decorating with mirrors in a home is the number two read post of mine. So this is a follow up to  Mirrors as Art.

As a designer, my answer would be mirrors are so beautiful by themselves and enhance and add ambiance to the surroundings. If you hang a mirror opposite a window or a beautiful chandelier, it reflects light and brightens a room.  I also think they can create a HUSH.

jan showers dining room

This lovely Dining Room is by Interior Designer and Decorator Jan Showers.

Unique May describe this pretty well.

Unique may describe this mirror pretty well.

I love this photo, not because I love the lips mirror, because I really don’t, but it’s perfect for the design of this room. This clean contemporary style home has repeated soft curves throughout the space and the mirror plays off that very well.  Notice the chairs are even facing towards it, as if it were about to speak…

Whimsy describes the display of the multiple circle mirrors.

Whimsy describes the display of the multiple circle mirrors.

This photo is a great example of how decorating with mirrors does NOT have to be an old-fashioned idea.  It’s fresh, young and full of a whimsical vibe.

broken crackle mirror

Gorgeous! What a great idea, the contractors dropped it when taking if off the bathroom wall (well maybe) but I love it!

So cool and I truly don’t think there would be another mirror exactly like it, do you?

Mirror Tiled Wall

Mirror Tiled Wall

Interesting application is this very tall ceiling room. A very STRONG design concept here and it all works and brings an enormous amount of light into the space.  I’m guessing it is being utilized for a dual purpose such as possibly partitioning off a closet or bath in a loft style apartment. What do you think?

Wall of Mirrors as Art

Wall of Mirrors as Art

Here’s a great example of Mirrors as Art for the DIY’er. I like the collection of differing shapes and sizes and even that a couple of plates and letters got tossed in to shake it up a bit!

What is your favorite way to decorate with mirrors?

Photos are from Bing Images. Credit given when available.

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Decorating with Black (and white)

decorating with black (and white)

blk whtie sitting rm
This elegant black sitting room comes across to me as very mysterious! Has a certain HUSH about it.

I currently have a project taking shape that has a fair amount of black and white going on that I’m excited to share with you soon. There are a lot of grays happening in this project as well, which softens the contrast a bit. I have always loved something black in every room.  This post shows some beautiful ways to decorate your room or rooms with black and white. Warning: You will have to keep it very, very clean.

blk white living

Black and White Living Room. Even with the stark contrast of black and white in the design of this room, it still looks Traditional. I would substitute the lamp with a pop of color. Yellow or Apple Martini Green! It appears that there is also BROWN in this room as an accent color perhaps to tie in the sisal like floor covering.  Lovely.

blk white bath 3

This Black and White bathroom looks a bit more organic. Notice the light fixtures which are like vanity lights rather than can lights in the ceiling. Very unique. Do you like the different floor tiles?

blk whtie bath

Very Contemporary and striking bathroom in Black and White.

blk white foyer

I absolutely adore black painted doors and panelling. Very smart. Give Traditional paneled walls an updated look.

blk white BR2

THIS bedroom is dramatic and smashing! I love the bold and huge Black and White chevron accent wall. The bedding with its check and houndstooth patterns give the room a slightly masculine flair. Love how the shape of the duvet cover captures the shape of the granite tiles on the floor. Well done. Très chic.

blk white den

This room is borderline over the top with its Hollywood Glam in Black and White!

blk white bath 1

Another crisp Black and White bath. It makes me feel like I could never wear tan slippers in there, not that I have any…tan ones. Only white toothbrushes allowed.

blk & white BR

I envision this as a Black and White guest room.   I like the gentile detail of black on the window panels. Love the bench. Thank you for the touch of gold!

blk and white vignette

Very smart and traditional in appearance, I like the pop of yellow to break up the Black and White decor. The white walls make it less interesting though…. Do you love the hide rug? Yep.

Black White Red Dining Room

Such brave and bold things going on in this Black and White Dining Room. Ceiling would look awesome if painted too….Excellent room.

Black andwhite powder room

Another great example of Black painted paneling. How interesting the swing arm light fixture as a vanity fixture. I love the ingenuity.

I do believe that Black is becoming quite the trend in decorating of late. Hope you enjoyed these photos, all from Pinterest.

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