WINE COUNTRY.  Is that what you’re thinking when you hear Napa?  What pairs well with wine? FOOD (and fun and good friends and a sponsored trip) and more wine.  Let me share with you a bit about my  journey into the world of wine and food in The Napa Valley.   {Maybe you don’t eat meat but then you’re missing out!  rolling eyes clipart rolling eyes clipart images smileys on pinterest emoticon smileys and smiley faces 576 X 440 }

I totally enjoy a perfectly prepared steak at every opportunity. And we had those opportunities, more than once of perfectly prepared SOUS VIDE cooked meals which also included vegetables and desserts all prepared in the range shown below via Sous Vide.

During my recent trip to the Napa Signature Kitchen Suite Experience Center sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite, a major appliance brand and Modenus, The Design Directory, who both believed that Interior Designers can best share their knowledge with the end user or client (which may be YOU) by an actual first hand experience in wine and food. So an amazing group of top 20+ interior and kitchen designers from across the United States of which I was blessed to be a part of,  headed to the Napa Valley for a rich experience of learning and wining and dining! Fun included at no charge!

Learn here all about the Signature Kitchen Suite’s True to Food Story!

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So let’s begin with their first in the industry all in one- four ways of cooking in one range. This range also offers induction cooking and Chatti Patti will chat that up in a future post!


This range is the first to have a built-in SOUS VIDE system, in fact it is the ONLY BUILT-IN SOUS VIDE on the market today.  The SOUS VIDE has been around for a long time and for restaurant chefs, it may be a familiar way of preparing meat dishes and for serving and maintaining the cooking temperature of steaks, etc. in larger quantities. So many advantages to this method of cooking!

More wine, food, friends and fun ˜


Watch a very quick video here on SOUS VIDE brought you you by Signature Kitchen Suite

**The Sous Vide method of cooking pasteurizes everything to kill all the bad little things!**

sous vide/ˌso͞o ˈvēd/noun

SOUS VIDE  is French for cooking under water.  SOUS VIDE is a cooking technique that heats meat in a consistent way in a water bath since temperatures can be specifically and precisely controlled.

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#Designhounds from around the country gather in Napa for an Epicurean Adventure that will not be forgotten!



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