5 Great Design Take-Aways

It’s getting close to that time of year.

Builders and designers in cities across the United States will be working feverishly on finishing their Model Homes for public tours via a Parade of Homes or a Designer Showcase Home for a charity or even a Homearama. I love to attend these events across the country when time permits, from New York to Washington State and places in between. I find it interesting to see what “Regional” design trends are. It really varies throughout the U.S. regions.  Have you ever attended a Parade of Homes or a beautiful Designer Showhouse and come away overwhelmed with all the eye candy and innovative design ideas? What were your take-aways?

Often certain ones will remain in my memory banks for years due to the originality* of the design.  There are many beautiful homes, some simply Over the Top and many overdone but occasionally one will stand out in my mind and years later I can bring it up to whomever my design companion was at that time and we can both talk about it! What’s with the one that the public is lined up outside to see? That would be open to interpretation. Was it the home with it’s own private professional massage room? (Ashley Homes  Columbus Ohio) or the incredible decorative ceilings?

Here are 5 simple ways to achieve some Oohs and Ahhs for your own abode.

Take way 1. Exceptional lighting – You come home from one of these tours and look blankly at your Dining Room and sigh. Oh my, I cannot do all that! BUT, you CAN replace the chandelier that came with the house with a spectacular lighting fixture that everyone can comment on, you will love staring at,  polishing and will be the catalyst for the future design of the Dining Room for which you can call me. Maybe you will even dine in there now.

Exceptional Lighting correct in scale and proportion. All designs, decorations, specifications and photography: Patti Johnson Interiors

Take Away 2. Color that carries your eye from the foyer to the back yard via the breakfast room and patio. Oh my, I cannot do all that! BUT, you CAN repaint the foyer from “builder white” to a warmer shade that transitions throughout the space so your eye is allowed to move around the entire home.

Soothing Color that marries the spaces on the main floor of this home. All design, decorations and photo: Patti Johnson Interiors. Area rug that brings it all together.

Take Away 3.  The area rugs in that showhouse had you wanting to take your shoes off and maybe even lay down and take a nap. Oh my, I cannot do all that!  BUT you CAN purchase a new rug for the foyer or family room or Dining room ( to go under that fab chandelier you just bought). Select one in colors that pull the room, if not the entire 1st floor together in harmony!

Take Away 4: The decadent bedding in the Master Suite had you secretly negotiating an offer in your head on the Showhouse right then and there. The sign next to the custom-made duvet and 16 1/2 pillows showed a hefty price tag though. Oh my, I cannot do all that! BUT you CAN clear your bed off and not use it to fold laundry and invest in a new duvet and 3-5 toss pillows. Maybe in the same color palette of the 1st floor. (called cohesive design, a speciality of  mine)

Lovely and do-able. Fresh, coordinating textiles add a splash of color! Via Pinterest, unknown.

Take Away 5: Number 5 is really Number 1, but you couldn’t wait to get inside and see everything first, so on your way out you actually notice Number 5 or Number 1. The exterior. The approach. The front entrance. The meticulously maintained landscaping and flora. Oh MY, I cannot do all that! BUT you CAN sweep up the sidewalk, paint the front door, plant a few pots along the way, trim or replace the bushes (if they are too large)  and freshen up the mulch, a bi-annual event at our home. It will really make a difference.

Manicured and fresh landscaping on approach.
Photo:Patti Johnson Interiors

So if the trip to the Parade or Homearama or Decorators Showhouse in your city was enough to stimulate you into making some beautiful changes, that’s wonderful, your dollars were well spent. If however, you came home and didn’t have a clue about what to do, that’s okay. You simply call a designer, you can call me. I will tell you to collect pictures of things that stir you, that you can dream about, rooms you can see  your friends and loved ones sitting and having fun in and I will get to work on “Transforming your Space Into a Beautiful Place”. Now THAT is my specialty!

*I attended a Homearama several years ago and the homes were all stunning and one in particular had a glass elevator for the homeowner’s motorcycle that was housed in the walk out lower level. With the flick of a switch, it  could be brought up to street level either to gaze upon or hit the pike. I think the glass enclosure even rotated the bike or maybe my head was just spinning. The same Homearama featured a home with a movie theatre in the lower level. Not a media room mind you, a theatre, complete with a ticket booth and heavy doors leading to the theatre. You could also “purchase” popcorn at the concession stand next to the ticket booth. Both are obviously must haves, so if you want this call me, I have connections.

Thanks again for stopping by, check back soon to see what Chatti Patti is talking about in Design.

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