Cabrits-ing in London

Have you Cabrits’ed lately?

Victoria ⊕ Albert create not just a tub, but an experience. If you’re skeptical, take a look at pictures I snapped while in their London showroom during September, 2012’s Blog Tour. Let’s start with the striking atrium of the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, London. I shot this photo just outside the Victoria ⊕ Albert Showroom.

What makes a V ⊕ A tub so special, a stand alone in the industry?  And I mean stand alone in more ways than one; Victoria ⊕ Albert is a British company that produces free-standing tubs and basins which are  crafted from  100% QUARRYCAST®, a proprietary blend of naturally white volcanic limestone and high performance resins. The finish on these tubs is extraordinary!

Not only is the Cabrits tub a work of art that envelopes the bather, it is composed of a single seamless piece! Truly fine craftsmanship!

A view of a Victoria ⊕ Albert Cabrits tub made from volcanic limestone

The Cabrits 55 Basin to pair with your Cabrits tub

Even accommodating for the well dressed gents~

@MrGoodwillHunting cabrits in style!

The Cabrits tub is unique as it is contoured for the human body. With a raised center, it supports your legs from beneath the knees. Most notably is the back of the tub which is in somewhat of a reclining position, making it possible for even tall men to stretch their legs out vs. a cramped position. The reclining position also lends itself to an amazingly relaxing state that some bloggers took advantage of even without filling it with hot soapy water. I too sampled the tub and it was quite nice. I mean, really, it didn’t even wrinkle the clothing on the gentleman in the tub. Must be The Carraway Concept.

Coordinating basin in black and white

Victoria ⊕ Albert has a vast and amazing selection of tubs and basins for every style, from clean and contemporary to classic and claw foot.

A stunning example of a customized tub with mother of pearl mosaic tile on the surround~ So beautiful!

Here’s some more beautiful images and information about the Cabrits and white volcanic limestone.

What better way to ‘wrap’ up a Cabrits experience. Why with a luxurious and authentic Turkish Towel Shawl Collar Terry Bathrobe!

Thjs is not me, but I do have this robe! It was a lovely gift from sponsor The Turkish Towel Company!

A very big thank you to Modenus, a designer’s resource, for bringing 14 bloggers from around the world (especially me) to London along with sponsors like Victoria ⊕ Albert, who made us feel so genuinely welcome!

Thank you to our wonderful Blog Tour London 2012 Sponsors!