More Top Tips for Balance in Design -Balancing Act II

Back by Popular Demand! The number one requested TOPIC for Chatti Patti Talks Design is "Balance in Design", so here is Balancing Act: Part II

Interior Design is a Balancing Act. A balancing act of form (shape), function, color, proportion, scale, light, shadow, texture, pattern, accessories, upholstery, case goods, rugs, art, focal points, space, lines and rest for the eye. That in itself should let you know that it can be a daunting task to adequately and correctly design a space that creates a sense of calm, vibrancy, Feng Shui, an acquired and collected look, good traffic flow, etc. As you study the images below, I will point out the elements of each space that create good balance in the overall design or specific features of that room.

Beautful Kitchen

This photo demonstrates a good design with the principle of balance throughout. I used this same image in my post on Focal Points and detailed how there were multiple focal points in this space. It is an extremely large and strong space, thus elements used here must be proportionately of sufficient scale. The very tall ceilings are accented with wooden beams which at the same time bring the eye down.
The large alcove where the range is located has a facade that goes to the ceiling giving this horizontal space a vertical element at the same time.
Arches over the range and window are repeated on the underside of the wooden ceiling beams. Two very large chandeliers which one would think the correct use would be a foyer or dining room fit perfectly above this oversized island. Great design here.

trad home great room

Here is a wonderful example of a well-balanced Great Room. When I refer to a Great Room, it usually will be referring to a two-story family gathering room. Notice that the drapery panels are the full two-story to frame the double story windows that balances the wainscot mantel above the fireplace.  The table in front of the window balances the sectional across the room. Another good use of proportion and balance is noted in the choice of accessories on the cocktail table.  There are several stack of books and the candles in the hurricanes are large. Nice job.

taupe bedroom

This bedroom is beyond beautiful. The canopy above the head of the bed is the Focal Point of this room. The color palette causes the room to blend and become cohesive. The selection of the mirror and chandelier keep an almost mono-chromatic color scheme in this room. As for balance: the bench at the foot of the bed, although somewhat small and should actually be wider, keeps the eye from just dropping off the end of the bed after such a heavy ‘headboard’. Double sconces and double decorative bracket shelves lend to the symmetry and balance of the space. The use of stripes and small patterns on both the bench and wallpaper are examples of balance in pattern.

So you may be thinking, that’s great, but I don’t have a HUGE space. Here’s some examples of great balance in smaller spaces!

Blk & White small kitchen

The soothing color palette of this space causes it to appear larger than it actually is. The vertical striping on the window blinds draw your eye upward to the already tall ceilings and make the room seem taller. The use of the antique wall clock and set of four prints makes a nice (possibly secondary) Focal Point in this kitchen. The table, although somewhat crowded in the space is not overly large and the scale of the chairs are appropriate. Overall with the semi-large chandelier in the center, it’s well-balanced.

multiple print bedroom pic

I’m not a fussy designer or person for that matter, but I adore the use of patterns in this bedroom. When working with no more than two or three specific colors you can use more patterns within that color palette. The lamp, wallpaper, headboard, drapery and drapery lining, roll pillow in front, monogram and delicate matting in the prints are all in blues. The pillow case, coverlet and floral arrangement are all in pinks. Mixed with a neutral, it works extremely well and demonstrates good balance in both color and pattern.

One More.

fussy small bath

You may not be a French County aficionado(a) however this is a nice example where the twin pedestal sink basins with the twin mirrors and triple sconces create a good balance along the wall. The color scheme is consistent and there is obvious balance in pinks and whites in this space.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and understand a little more about the balance in putting a room together! Thank you for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design! Please feel free to leave a comment or mention topics you would like to learn more about as many did about balance, hence this post~