High Acres becomes DPVA’s 2013 Designer’s Show House and Gardens

Welcome to High Acres, the Rike Estate

2013 DPVA Designer’s ShowHouse and Gardens

A discernible hush has settled on the estate since my last visit.

The expected hustle and bustle had cleared for the present to accommodate the photographer taking pictures for the DPVA ShowHouse and Gardens Program Book. A sneak peek around the house and behind a few closed doors revealed spaces waiting patiently for their fixtures. Darkened rooms accompanied by white dust covers draped teasingly over the fine upholstery arouse feelings of anticipation to see it all come together! A few more touches here and there, a light fixture to hang, towels to add and High Acres will proudly receive its guests for tour. You do not, I repeat, do not want to miss this one!  It is the grandest and best showhouse that the DPVA has sponsored and they have been producing show stopping show homes and gardens for quite some time…


The marble Conservatory. Lovely.

2013 DPVA ShowHouse Sneak Peek

2013 DPVA ShowHouse Sneak Peek Master Suite

It’s located in the lovely area of Oakwood and here’s a little background info on both Oakwood and the beginnings of Rikes Department Stores.

Oakwood History

Oakwood was officially incorporated in 1908. It was initially farmland, but after a disastrous flood that destroyed most of downtown Dayton, the property of Oakwood was largely advertized for real estate investment. Growth took place rapidly and by 1930, the population of the village topped 6,000. In 1908, Oakwood was incorporated as a city. Orville Wright was one of the city’s early inhabitants, and his home, Hawthorn Hill, is still present.

Rikes became Lazarus, Lazarus became Macy’s. A biographical sketch from Wright State University Library.

Biographical Sketch of Rikes…

On March 9, 1853, “Gideon G. Prugh, James J. Joice and David L. Rike announced that “Prugh, Joice & Rike.. Third Street opposite the Methodist church..are now receiving and opening, direct from New York and Philadelphia, dry goods…in the room formerly occupied by Gebhart’s.” It encompassed only 2,500 sq. ft. and employed four sales people.”

In 1868 “Incorporated as D.L. Rike & Company with R.I. Cummin and Samuel E. Kumler, Mr. Rike’s brother-in-law, as partners.” In 1870 “Rike’s began to expand, opening a “suburban” store at 235 Fifth Street under the name of Rike, Hassler & Company.” In 1977 Rike, Hassler & Co. moved to new, larger quarters at 417-419 E. Fifth where it continued in business into 1894 (the year after the parent firm opened its new store.)” In 1893 Rikes opened a new building at Fourth and Main Streets. The building was designed after the Exposition Building at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

By 1912 Rikes had moved to Second and Main. 1913 saw the Flood of Dayton ruin the main floor and basement. In 1915 an addition for men’s wear was added. 1918 saw Rike’s join eight other independent stores to form the Associated Merchandising Corporation.

In 1938 an eight floor was added. The addition included air-conditioning and four elevators. 1950 saw the formation of the Rike’s 20 Year club. The Rikes parking garage was opened in 1959. During this time Rike’s became a Division of the Federated Department Stores. Rikes opened up branches in 1963 and 64 in Salem and Kettering. (Information from Box 6 File 1 125th Anniversary)

After the death of D.L. Rike, his son, Frederick, became the company’s president. The business continued to thrive and expansion again became necessary. Rike’s continued to grow and David Rike, Frederick’s son, eventually took over as president of the firm.

Rike’s celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1953 and 125th in 1978. In 1982 the company merged with Cincinnati’s Shillito’s Department Store and became Shillito-Rikes. In 1986 that corporation became Lazarus.

In 1999 the Rikes Building was destroyed to make way for development. Today a performance arts center stands where the Rikes building was located.

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You can get more information on the DPVA Showhouse, events, parking and hours here.