DPVA Designer ShowHouse #Oliohop for Charity Causes

The Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association, (#DPVA) a non-profit volunteer association is sponsoring an incredible Designer ShowHouse and Gardens to raise funds to provide musical programs, instruments and education for children throughout the Dayton and Central Ohio areas. To be quite honest, I am very impressed with all that they do!

Since 1934, the Dayton Philharmonic has provided an introduction to the wonders of classical music through its man­y Education Programs and serves over 50,000 kids in twelve counties. Last year, members of the orchestra, youth orchestras, and volunteer organization participated in 1,­224 engagements and partnered with 249 schools!


“The DPO Education Department provides a comprehensive array of programs, series, and concerts that address differing grade levels, learning styles, and teacher requirements. 
Some concerts feature the DPO; others feature our student orchestras. The highly acclaimed SPARK Program (School Partners with Artists Reaching Kids) brings in-depth, cross-curricular programs to eight partner schools. Overall education activities include In-School, Field Trip, and Extra-Curricular Programs.
Created in 1952 with an ongoing mission to support the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in the areas of education, promotion, fund raising and membership development, the DPVA is the largest music education program in the United States and The Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association’s Young People’s Concert Previews were named a Gold Award winner by the League of American Orchestras. ” ~ DPVA
DPVA logo and photo

This year the DPVA will produce yet another fabulous Designer Show House and Gardens which promises to be the best in it’s history.  The 18,000 square foot Rike Estate in the beautiful Oakwood area of Dayton, Ohio will be the location for transformation.  Opening in late April to the public, the ShowHouse tours run through May 18th, 2013. For more information on tickets and events, please visit here.

Here is a photograph of the Rike Estate taken recently BEFORE work begins to restore almost 12 acres of gardens.

DPVA ShowHouse 2013

The 18,000 square foot “Rike Estate” will be transformed by 43 designers from the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio areas for the 2013 DPVA ShowHouse and Gardens.

As a new member of the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association, I am privileged to be part of this year’s wonderful ShowHouse. I have been assigned two bathrooms in the home of which I am excited, however  thought it more fun to share the main Living Room with you which will be done by one of the other designers working on the showhouse, Jon Blunt. Jon has been involved in the showhouse for many years. Plus, more fun creating the virtual design for the Living Room on Olioboard! Olioboard is a great company who cares about getting the word out about Charity Causes.

This fabulous home was built in 1927 and is 18,000 square feet of quality construction and finishes of a bygone era! With 43 Interior Designers decorating or renovating 30 rooms and nearly 12 acres of the “High Acres” Gardens, this is a show stopping Charity Show House sure to please!

Before Photos 021-3

The above picture is the Living Room at the Rike Estate as it was before work began for the ShowHouse.  This room will be designed by Jon Blunt of Luken Interiors in Dayton, Ohio. Since the rooms that I am designing are two bathrooms, I thought it would be more fun to design an Olioboard on a more prominent space. Jon was kind enough to share his photo with me and present to you a virtual design which is by the way, not his  design plan (you’ll have to buy a ticket and come in person to see that!) but a fun interpretation and update of the space by Patti Johnson Interiors using Olioboard.

A virtual interpretation by Patti Johnson Interiors. The actual design and decoration of this particular space will be done by Jon Blunt of Luken Interiors. Come visit when the ShowHouse opens in April to see what he creates.

A virtual interpretation by Patti Johnson Interiors. The actual design and decoration of this particular space will be done by Jon Blunt of Luken Interiors. Come visit when the ShowHouse opens in April to see what Jon creates.

Click to view larger!

Click Here to view on Olioboard along with some other boards I have created with this tool. You can visit the links below to see more of what Olioboard is about.

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Below I have listed the links for nine other designers and bloggers who are currently involved in a Charity Cause of their own and blogging about it in this “#OlioHop”. They are lending their expertise, time and resources to their community or a cause close to their heart. So, “hop” on over to each of these blogs to see how the  different projects in different parts of the country and even outside the country.

 By visiting these other blog post, you will be able to see more examples of how to use Olioboard’s free site to showcase in either 2D and 3D, or what your own #CharityCauses might need from potential donors.










Are You A Builder?

When recently asked “How deep is your design?” I instantly knew what the person was asking. Because I design in layers. I approach each project from the standpoint of layers. Layers of style. Layers of product. Layers of color. Layers of texture (very  important). Layers of investment. Like a five layer cake. More to enjoy.

A Beautifully Layered Room as featured in Elle Decor (Paris)

With this approach, I am able to break down the daunting task of renovating a home or designing a home for the client. I have had young clients who are spending every cent to get the big dream home and wondering how they can ever afford to furnish it. I advise them, you do it in “layers”. At first they just stare at me, until I explain, that not many homeowners, especially, at their age, can do it all at once. In fact, I have had clients in million dollar plus homes who cannot do it all at once, because they spend more on each layer or phase, so it still happens in segments or layers. Layers don’t have to be fussy or overdone, it just takes the process one step at a time.

To define it, simply put, let’s start with the basics. Insist on some focal points, outstanding pieces, maybe only one per room to begin. Possibly adding a fireplace or freshening up the mantel and surround at some point. Must have killer lighting and a soft landing-place (sofa or chairs).  Floors have to feel good underfoot (rugs) and then frame the windows with wonderful draperies for privacy, elegance and texture. Next comes incorporating accessories like Art work, previously acquired or new, a beautiful silver bowl, an antique sideboard. Add interest to the ceiling. Add crown moldings. Beautiful table settings and mood enhancers follow suite. Specialty painted finishes, wall paper, wainscot or panelling; then the books, pillows and treasures like family pictures framed out in exquisite crystal frames add the personal touch. The unique individual stamp on a space.

Virtual Metropolitan Layered Room designed Patti Johnson Interiors using Olioboard

Homes are built in layers; and there you have it. You BUILD it. So, in a sense, I am a builder. A builder of dreams, of visions, of a beautiful space. And I love every minute of it. Thanks for stopping by ~ Chatti Patti