Circles Trending at Spring High Point Furniture Market 2014

I’m back from “Running Circles” at  High Point Furniture Market in High Point North Carolina and excited to share what’s trending for upcoming home style!

Decompressing from the overload of home furnishings style is a common state for many designers in a good way of course! 2014 Market had a different vibe than in past years in my opinion.  There was a little more optimism in the air and I felt that the designs selected by exhibitors were far more glamorous than in past year.  A return to luxury, refined taste and investment pieces.


Let’s start with this amazing horn console by Bernhardt with a circular design!

Color was also forefront this Spring yet the singular most visible trend to me was the use of circles in the design.  In fact, there were so many, that I googled the meaning of circles and here’s an excerpt of what I came across:

Some Circle Symbol-Meaning Keywords
The circle symbol meaning is universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe.
 – From

Here’s just some of my beautiful finds exhibiting the circle trend below:


Wonderful detailed interlocking Circle Lamp by Bassett Mirror


Polished Chrome Circle Tabletop Accessory by Interlude Home




Connecting Circle Mirror by Basset Mirror


A lovely golden toned circle overlay design mirror by Bassett Mirror


Gorgeous black and white circular mirror – another great design by Bassett Mirror


A fun and frilly circular designed mirror by Bassett Mirror


Circle Art resembling an eclipse


More simplistic Circle Art in the design


Wonderful custom Bar Cabinet by John Strauss Furniture of Ohio with the circle design theme


“Rounding” out the evening sipping wine with a circle of friends~

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All Photos: Patti Johnson

Focal Point

Focal Points in Design

Upon entering a space, your eye may be automatically drawn to a certain feature of the room and often, a room’s architectural elements will in fact be the Focal Point.  If your space does not have an architectural Focal Point you can add one or have your designer create one.

These incredibly beautiful photos feature  some of the  more commonly and frequently used Focal Points such as Fireplaces, Kitchen Islands, Mirrors, Chandeliers, Ceilings, Windows and Staircases.

FP Focal Point
The limestone fireplace and mantle become a beautiful Focal Point in this bedroom.
FireplaceRemodel half
 Even with a two-story wall of windows and oversized wrought iron chandelier, this natural all Ohio stone fireplace that I designed becomes an outstanding Focal Point in this Family Room in an Ohio home.
rustic fireplace
The two-story stone fireplace and the rafters on the ceiling are both impressive, but the Fireplace would be the Focal Point in this room.
Focal Point Kitchen
In this historic home, a range has been placed in the former fireplace area creating a unique yet functional Focal Point.
Gorgeous kitchen
My eye is immediately drawn to the ceiling of this kitchen for it’s totally unique structure as a Focal Point. The detailed island and the cabinetry built around the range become secondary.
Green range and hood
Although you cannot view the entire kitchen in this photo, I would guess that this brightly colored double range and hood just may be the Focal Point in the room.
casual elegance kitchen
This kitchen is well balanced with its large island (Focal Point), beamed ceiling, arched doorway and spectacular floor.
Brick wall, lg llighting
The Focal Point in this room is the arched doorway and brick wall and in the eating area it is the over-sized chandelier. Just lovely.
Beautful Kitchen
Here is an example of how you can use chandeliers as a Focal Point. The island, being constructed of a darker, high contrast finish could be the Focal Point;  the use of these extremely large crystal chandeliers make them  winners in this kitchen. The chandeliers end up maintaining the balance between the island,  beamed vaulted ceiling, arch and double built-in range in a niche by bringing you eye down from the ceiling! It all works beautifully.
glass ceiling via Fairfax and Sammons
This incredible glass ceiling becomes a true Focal Point in this light filled kitchen by Fairfax and Sammons Architects.
Beamed vaulted Ceiling via Fairfax and Sammons Arch
This beamed vaulted ceiling is a striking Focal Point by Fairfax and Sammons Architects.
Copper Barrell Ceiling
This stunning copper Barrel ceiling creates interest as a Focal Point.
pink ceiling
The ceiling steals the show as the Focal Point in this room (although the room is very ornate overall).
sun room with windows
The radius of windows in this Sunroom and the view beyond become the Focal Point with the detailed ceiling coming in as a secondary point of focus.
stained glass windows
The black painted trim around the ornate stained glass windows causes them to stand out even more. No competing with those windows as a Focal Point
wall of mirrors
This room did not have a Focal Point so the designer created one with a
“Wall of Mirrors”. It works and looks great.
super large mirror
The enormous scale of this mirror enables a Focal Point to be created in a basic drywalled room.
Double mirror
The over-sized mirror becomes the Focal Point in this Powder Room due to scale.
mirror and arch
Side by Side elements create a Focal Point Wall.
Ceiling Focal Point
 Arches in the construction of a home can be beautiful. These arches have been added as a decorative element to this room to create interest and a Focal Point. These somewhat over-bearing arches draw the eye up but distract from the room. It appears top heavy.
Spiral staircase and ceiing detail
This Foyer has multiple Focal Points: arches, a floor medallion, wrought iron detailing on the double entrance doors as well as the arched window above, a curved staircase, a wonderful wrought iron railing, and chandelier have been well-balanced to create a sense of cohesiveness and serenity!
Often, if a room has multiple Focal Points, it can become too busy and overwhelming to the senses!
Elegant and easy on the eyes, partially due to the soft color palette.
Another example of a stairwell being a Focal Point and additional details and architectural elements.
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Mirrors as Art~

Everyone has one and certainly everyone needs one (or more). Mirrors. Plural. Displayed in a grouping, mirrors make a wonderful focal point.  How can that be achieved? Subject to individual taste and style, it can be achieved in many different ways to compliment or to dress up virtually any space.

Mirrors come in countless varieties and diverse shapes, sometimes even more than art work. With paintings, the emphasis is usually and should be on the art itself and less ornamentation is considered favorable for the framing although many are framed elaborately. Mirrors are often admired for their unique frames and/or shapes along with their reflective quality. I recommend hanging mirrors of several shapes and sizes in a stairwell, or actually have professional hang them, it’s a bit tricky!  Stairwells are usually a spot in the home that can always use a little more light, even when in an open foyer. Here is a collection of rectangular mirrors enhancing a stairwell in a traditional setting.

A timeless look, a classic and cohesive design achieved by a collection of similar shapes and frame finish.

A good quality mirror will have high quality silver content, several layers of back painting and be copper free. A lesser quality of mirror may have aluminum backing instead of the silver nitrate. Prices of mirrors range dramatically and the factor is quality just as it would be in art or furnishings.

“Mirrors offer more interest, texture in frame applications,  reflective quality and enhance a room with more light than  pictures on the walls.”~Patti Johnson

Here are some beautiful mirrors to illustrate that mirrors can be used in any type of decor:

Multiples of a mirror hung over a sofa can fill a large space or long wall.

Traditional yet a more modern approach to a wall of mirrors.

Mirrors are a nice option if you are not an art collector but art is in the eye of the beholder, right? It draws the eye and when done in a grouping can make a  focal point even more interesting!

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