Feeling Blue?

As you know, I love white in interiors. I like the cleanliness of the look of an all white interior but I realize it would be very difficult for many families to embrace this concept.

Perhaps a “Touch of the Blues” may inspire you.

This blue room is softened by the natural light and neutral tones of the window, lamp and pillow. (Image via marthastewart.com)

Blues in this space create a more vibrant mood. (Image via sikamo.com)

Deep blue tones in the interior design of this room create a dramatic impact.
(Image via amrihomedesign.com)

The color blue creates a softness in this space of a baby nursery or young child’s bedroom.                               (Image via lampsplus.com)

This Master Bedroom Suite that I created for a client was once red! The addition of a fireplace and blue finishes to the design created the spa like interior that the client loved. Photo: Patti Johnson

Even the whitest of events, a wedding, a bride selected this cake by deliciously decadent. Couldn’t resist including this photo! (and, I LOVE cake!)

Who knew London was Blue? Photo of London in the evening via TravelCrew. Blue is gorgeous! But then again, it’s a color in nature!

London Bridge with a Blue sky! I will taking live photos during BlogTour London next month as I travel as a member of an International Blog Team with Modenus to attend London Design Week Festivities. How fun!

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Shades of #Light~

Lampshades can make a difference.

We all know that lighting can make a big impact on the design of a space. Lamps are a convenient way to add lighting, so cutting into the ceiling to run wires to a switch, in essence,just plug and play.  In addition to the lighting they bring to a space, they serve as decorative objects simultaneously. Dual purpose. Lamp shades are a great little ‘pick me up’ to a lamp. You’re telling it, “I like you, I want to keep you around, but you need a new hat.”

Obviously  you wouldn’t put a lamp on your sofa table or desk without a lamp shade,that’s just not right. But you wouldn’t place a lamp shade there all by its lonesome now either would you?  If you do, well that’s another post.

Here are some tips on how to select a shade and the different kinds of shades for different kinds of lamps. Lamp shades are a great way to breathe new life into a room without replacing a lamp that looks just fine. However, in my book, lamps are an important accessory, not unlike a great purse or necklace. I like to change mine – often.

This lamp shade is transitional, not too traditional, not too modern, can go on several styles or lamps and will blend in as it is somewhat neutral. Put this on a black, ivory or metallic lamp base.

Photo via Everylampshade.com

Notice how each lamp shade varies in height in proportion to the lamp? These lovely lamps are via Horchow.com and so lovely. I’m partial to whites.

via Horchow.com

I really like the design of this lampshade. It is structured and tailored and looks a little bit important! The black shade  will prevent the lamp from giving off too much light so place it in a spot where you simply want some ambient lighting.

Put this lamp shade on a white ceramic lamp, a gold glass lamp, a hammered silver lamp base and it will look pretty sharp. You will often see this type of shade on a rectangular lamp, but it can also go on a ‘flat’ base lamp.

Photo via Everylampshade.com

This shade offers a bit of sophistication. I happen to love the color taupe, it appears a bit like champaign in this photo and would actually look lovely on a crystal or ceramic lamp base.

Photo via Everylampshade.com

There are different methods for determining the correct shape and size of a shade for your lamp. Sometimes lamp shades simply wear out before the lamp does or you may want to update the look of a great lamp. There are formulas but I approach it with a concept of proportion and scale. The standard rule of thumb to determine size of a lamp shade is approximately one-third the height of the lamp. If a lamp is 32″ tall, an 11″ shade will fit perfectly. Always, always be sure that  the light bulb(s) and switches are not visible when looking at the lamp. Also be careful when removing those silver stickers, it can remove some finishes.

Love the scroll ‘fretwork’ effect on this shade. Lamps can definitely be a conversation piece!
This lamp is a definite “DO” in a beautiful interior and is a John Richard design.

Outstanding Design! Photo via Horchow.

The lamp below is definitely a “DO” in the right room with the right decor of course. It also is from the John Richard Company whose product lines include beautiful lighting, mirrors, upholstery, furnishings and accessories. You couldn’t put this lampshade on just any lamp. Probably only this lamp. Yes, pretty sure.

A John Richards Faceted Gold Crystal Lamp shade on gold crystal lamp.
Stunning for the right space!

Sorry, but this lamp doesn’t work any magic for me!

If  I come to your house and find this Genie lamp, I WILL hide it on you.

The lamp below grew arms. YIKES.

Yeah, let’s not use this one.

The same rule of thumb stated above for selecting a shade does not apply to a floor lamp. One third of the height would be way out of line, again make sure the bulbs and switches are neatly out of sight and that the diameter of the shade is similar to the diameter of the base of the lamp. It’s an easy way to select one. The drum shade (called that due to its shape) on the floor lamp pictured below, is a bit larger than the base. Actually, the small base makes me a bit nervous that it could tip over easily. I like things well-balanced and sturdy. These are safety concerns.

Photo via Lampsplus.com

I simply adore lighting, there is so much to choose from and there are lamps for every taste and style. For when you find that perfect lamp but the not so perfect shade, look around, the perfect shade is out there too!

You may also enjoy an earlier post on Lamps here. To view  more beautiful lighting selections visit my Pinterest page. When in doubt,  you can leave your comments and questions for me!

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Foyers ~ The eyes to your Home!

Ever walk into a home and gasp!  I have. Innumerable times. Sometimes in real peoples’ homes, sometimes in show-homes and sometimes in hotels and commercial buildings. I love the anticipation of a foyer. The tale of the unknown that begins to unfold when passing over a threshold!

It’s only secondary to the curb appeal and of course your front door and related landscaping, but how often have you stood on an incredible porch surrounded by stone, two-story arches and 4′ tall hanging pendants only to get your first glimpse of what lays beyond..and be totally disappointed? Well, this is either the big miss or the big hit! Often, the neighborhood girl scout selling her cookies won’t get beyond this mysterious place, but nothing like a little teaser to let the imagination run wild!

Foyers should never, ever be cluttered! A  foyer can be grand even when not so grand in stature, by being classic and inviting! Here are some fabulous foyers that I hope you’ll enjoy!

This is somewhat simple, but stunning and make a big impression for a medium size foyer.

I adore seating in a foyer, such a wonderful and ‘soft’ way to welcome guests. Although this Foyer is narrow, it has been staged beautifully.

Don’t you just adore the cheerfulness of this entryway? Immediately, you simply must cheer up! Whomever lives here likes to have guests!

This Foyer is by Florida Design. The dramatic tangerine color in an adjoining room play off the neutral tones in the actual Foyer. A stunner for sure!

Another Foyer which appears so striking because of the bold use of color! Color is the single most simple way to add drama or impact to a space!

A more typical Foyer in regards to size yet stylishly appointed.

As you may have discerned, I like a ‘crisp’ foyer, not to say that the ornate ones leave me sad, just that there is sometimes the overwhelming, over colorful or overly decorated space that leaves no place for the eye to REST!  Giving the eye a place to rest is mental relaxation. If the foyer is too busy, it will not invoke a sense of peace in your home, and we all know how important that is! I hope this post has inspired  you to take a second look at your Foyer.

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