Decorative Stone~ (In Interior Design)

Ancient stone invokes a sense of timelessness and elegance. Something about the process of being quarried and shaped intrigues me. Since I was a young girl, I have had a love for stone. I would pay more attention to the limestone, medallions or marble flooring at the local mall than the back-to-school clothes my parents took me there to purchase. My parents thought I was shy (Who-me?) because I was always looking at the ground. Well, it hasn’t changed and I love stone even more now. Truly the pictures I am pleased to share with you here easily define stone as art.


Let me introduce you to Lapicida, a stone company in the UK and their blog. Lapicida is an official sponsor for Blog Tour London, the brainstorm of Modenus, a Designer’s resource. I will have the awesome opportunity to visit their new showroom on Kings Road in London later this month. I’m so excited to learn all about their company and products to share with you.

“With the 2010 Design Awards for Lapicida HQ in Harrogate, the largest natural stone tile showroom in Europe plus openings of the new London showroom and the dedicated Stone Studio at Fired Earth, Cobham, the Lapicida empire continues to go from strength to strength.”~ source:

Intricate custom designed flooring – oh so beautiful! ~ Photo:

Better than a rug, but since I really have a passion for rugs as well,  I’ll say a lovely alternative to a rug or equally as beautiful as a rug! Advantages would be cleaning perhaps, but simply these designs can take your breath away!

If the stone pattern shown above this image is not your style, perhaps you will find this more to your liking!  Untold how many variations have been designed at this point, but you can have something custom designed for your home.

If a mosaic is not on your shopping list, how do you like this herringbone pattern?


Lapicida even creates unique stone tubs and basins. This brown marble soaking tub would look spectacular in a master suite. Call me if you’re interested!


I  hope you’ve enjoyed a sampling of stone products. Stone can be a design element in any home or building!  Thank you for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design! Check back soon to see what’s new and leave a comment or ask a question, feedback is appreciated!