The Holiday Table

Browsing Pinterest for Beautiful Holiday Table inspiration can be time consuming. Caution! You won’t want to stop.  Seeing all these great photos give us a glimpse into the personal style of the Holiday Table in so many homes. I thought I’d share a little Holiday Table inspiration with you!

simple yet elegant

Love the fresh take on this simple yet elegant Holiday Table setting!

candy cane setting

The cute candy cane embellishment can’t help but cause your guests to S-M-I-L-E!

cute gift setting

Perhaps the packages are real gifts and perhaps not, either way, cute idea for this Holiday Table.

gold blue and green setting

A unique coastal take on a Holiday Table Setting. The green, blue and gold work so well together!

Elegant table

Who wouldn’t want to be a guest at this elaborate and well staged Traditional Holiday Table?


You just know that the use of herbs and fruit on this Holiday Table create a wonderful seasonal scent wafting through the home!

modern style setting

Cute and Simple. This Holiday Table really says all it needs to.

White brown Holiday table

This Holiday Table makes me so curious as to the menu! Don’t you agree?

Santa plate

And of course, the crafty Holiday Table with the red, green and Santa motif!

Snowman red white table

A HomeSpun theme is what I think of when I look at this Holiday Table.

Icy Blue holiday table

Beautiful Blue and Icy Holiday Table can be used after Christmas and through the Winter Season!

Christmas Done up!

This Holiday Table is where I would like to be sitting to dine with family and friends! Hmm, gives me an idea!

Rustic Table

I always enjoy a Rustic type Holiday Table. Seems so cozy doesn’t it??

Festive red and white

How fun and festive is this Holiday Table?

Here's one of several Holiday Table settings I decorated for the Historic Glendower Mansion in Downton Lebanon, Ohio which Opens to the public on December 7th, 2013!  I chose to add a little black to this theme this year. Each year brings different themes.

Here’s one of the Holiday Table settings I decorated for the Historic Glendower Mansion in Downton Lebanon, Ohio which Opens to the public on December 7th, 2013! I chose to add a little black to this theme this year. Each year brings different themes.   Image Credit: Aaron Stringer Photography

Christmas at Glendower 2013 Slide Show_REV-6

This was one of my Holiday Table settings last year. The theme this year is the “HomeSpun” look and the correlating Christmas Carol is “I’ll be Home for Christmas”. Image Credit: Aaron Stringer Photography

Reason for the Season

And of course, let’s not forget as we gather around our Holiday Table, the Reason for the Season! Yes?

Thanks so much for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design about The Holiday Table! I hopeyou have enjoyed these selections.  I’ll be back with more Holiday Decor soon, so be sure to visit often!


Not Your Average Blue and White~


RECENTLY,  I began to follow some beautiful home decorating and lifestyle blogs, many of which post often about their mutual affection for all things BLUE and WHITE.  I cannot recall how I stumbled upon one, I believe it was via Pinterest, but it doesn’t matter.  I came upon a blog entitled: “The Pink Pagoda”.  Maybe you have heard of it and follow it. It led to me to other beautiful blogs as well. Long story short, they are having a BLUE and WHITE Linking Party for bloggers to share their BLUE and WHITE love, Monday, November 4th, 2013. Let me tell you, this could be a daunting task! These bloggers are serious about their BLUE and WHITE and I certainly hope I came up with some different photos from everyone else! All that was necessary to join the fun was to create a post with a BLUE and WHITE topic and voila! – another feast for the eyes.

What I found interesting in my search was the variety of styles.  BLUE and WHITE in the past is what I would have termed a “Collected Look”.   One very lonely piece of BLUE and WHITE porcelain will not be happy.  It beckons for others to join her!  I know. I just started.  I’ve been around BLUE and WHITE for decades.  My mother gave me a couple pieces of BLUE and WHITE porcelain when I was a newlywed (which I still have). Unfortunately I never decorated with BLUE and WHITE in any of the nine homes we’ve lived in.  But now, I really, really enjoy the hunt.

So, if you have been thinking that BLUE and WHITE is not for you, please stay through the balance of the post, I’ve got some fresh suggestions for you!

As you will see in the beautiful photos below is that it has evolved and has a lovely modern take as well.

blue and white trio 6

Great classic women’s wear in BLUE and WHITE. A fresh vignette and a stunning deep blue chest with nail head detailing.

But as  you will see in the beautiful photos below is that it has evolved and has a lovely modern take as well.


blue and white bedroom

A very traditional take on a BLUE and WHITE patterned bedroom. For the serious BLUE and WHITE aficionado!

blue and white china display

A highly Traditional look with BLUE and WHITE and Silver on display. Lovely in the right setting.

blue and white dishes

Close up of some BLUE AND WHITE china. Mix ’em and Match ’em!

blue and white chair

A vibrant take on the traditional BLUE and WHITE wing chair!

blue and white chair2

A lovely transitional style reproduction chair in BLUE and WHITE.

blue and white dining chairs

This photo depicts a Coastal feel with the sisal like carpet and the BLUE and WHITE fabric covered dining chairs.

Cashiers Show House

Another example of a Traditional BLUE and WHITE display, primarily Chinoiserie.

If you’re not quite into the Chinoiserie Blue and White look, I’ve found a  fresh take on the blue and white that’s hitting the fashion and home fashion scene pretty big~ JUST. FOR. YOU.

blue and white chevron chair

This BLUE and WHITE chair is so fresh and keeps the trend living on.

blue and white chair 3

Another fabulous way to incorporate BLUE and WHITE into your decor and keeping the pattern aspect toned down.

Blue and white trio A

These great examples prove that the BLUE and WHITE look come in various designs for all styles.  Absolutely LOVE the ottoman!

blue and white 4 A

BLUE and WHITE? Something for EVERYONE!

blue and white chair 4

DON’T tell me that this is not a fresh take on BLUE and WHITE!

blue and white trio 3

Fresh, fresh, fresh are these BLUE and WHITE beauties.

Blue and white trio 5

BLUE and WHITE for ALL ages!

blue and white trio 6

Classic and Stylish – for the BLUE and WHITE minded.

blue and white trio 9

The BLUE and WHITE touch graces a wedding cake. Fresh BLUE and WHITE stripes on a lovely summer sundress and pale BLUE glass bottles add a cute touch to the table setting.

blue and white trio 8

Love the Blue upholstery on the bed. Here’s a fresh take on a BLUE and WHITE table-setting! How about the BLUE and WHITE striped lamp from Ralph Lauren?

Blue and White trio 7

Some interesting and creative ways to incorporate the BLUE and WHITE theme into your space!

Blue and White jewlery WCAS

Jewelry made from broken Antique BLUE and WHITE porcelain. From the Warren County Antique Show October, 2013.


Where to purchase BLUE and WHITE porcelain? Antique Shows such as the Warren County Antique Show are wonderful places to start!

My Blue and White Collection

Just beginning my BLUE and WHITE collection. Small, I know. Just starting!

The Pink Pagoda Blue and White Bash November button

Thanks so much for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design!

I hope that you have found something in this post to inspire you!