Vanity of Vanities…and #PINTEREST!

 What does your bath say about you?

Thought I’d start out with a picture of a soothing, luxury bath. How could anyone not at least enjoy using this particular bath? I would get up extra early so I could spend more time in here, oops, it’s missing a small flat panel TV in the corner. I know, you may not like that idea, but I do.

A lovely way to start the day…

These pictures are from my #Pinterest site. If I have the source, I will always give credit. According to

“The most exciting thing about Pinterest is the way people use it to do more in their lives. Whether you’re looking for a cool new kitchen table, preparing a special meal, or planning a vacation; knowing the origin of a pin, where to learn more about it, or how to buy what’s pictured is an important part of making Pinterest useful for you. We also want to try to give credit where credit is due. That’s why we’ve always tried to include attribution and direct links to sources of content.”

Cozy and so very #Romantic!

Above: A definite no nonsense approach! Do what you need to do and move on.

A bit over the top unless you transformed your church into your home, but I can do that for you as well.

Topic for #IntDesignerChat for July 31, 2012 is using Pinterest for Branding your Design Business.

Here are some great Pinterest tips from my twitter friend: Elizabeth Traub:

“1.  Plan Your Pinning Quantities

If you find one great picture, don’t just pin that one picture.  The feed with Pinterest, and it’s growing popularity, moves rapidly. One single picture will get lost.  I save up pictures to total about ten pictures to be pinning at one time.  If you only have a few pictures. Learn the art of cropping. You can take one picture and expand on it’s elements.  Pin that one picture, and then focus on the specific elements of the picture, crop in close ups and then pin those close up elements, giving more views of your picture through the feed.

If you have tens and hundreds of pictures. Space your pinning out.  It seems that I see MASSIVE pinning from an individual or company and then never again to be seen pinning for  weeks.  I try to set 2 days a week, all the time I have right now, for pinning my own pictures for Hung Out To Buy. This is also consistent with the adding of new products  to our website.  This consistency keeps the flow of traffic being driven to our website.

2.  Highlight Your Own Work

I am surprised at how many professional boards have boards that are not their own stuff on the first two row of boards. Create your own boards, with your own work on that first few row of boards.  Take a moment and check out the first row on Hung Out To Buy’s boards  Our second and 3rd rows also highlight our own boards.  Breaking down what our boards will show gives us more boards that are our very own.”

I hope you enjoyed the Chatti Patti feature today about Bathrooms and Pinterest! Leave a comment and we’ll see you soon! ~

The #Guest #Bedroom and a #Twitterchat | #Interior Design

This week on Interior Designer Chat aka #IntDesignerChat, a weekly chat on Twitter for professional members of the Interior Design, Architectural, Home Decor and related Vendors of our Global Community, we discussed the topic of “What makes the ultimate guest bedroom?” I say ‘discussed’ because it is past, the chat takes place on Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern Time.

Mentioned on the chat by many were the luxury of monogrammed linens in the guest room so that guests would not take them home! 😉 These via Pottery Barn.

This chat, attended by hundreds in the design industry begins with about 10 minutes of greeting each other across the country or continents and then progresses to a series of questions presented by the chat moderator, Barbara Segal, who selects a weekly topic, researches it and creates just the perfect questions for the community to respond to enthusiastically.

I love the neutrality of this room, perfect for siblings or pals when coming to visit!

I must admit, I am Chatti Patti on Twitter as well, (@PJohnsonInt) as well as the Chief Ambassador of the chat, whatever that means right? It means that I do my best to welcome each tweeter into the chat which can be a challenge as there are new participants each and every week.  Andrew Dunning, (@AndrewDunning)our overseas correspondent also has an Award Winning blog and our Ambassador in Chicago, Adele Young (@adeleyoung) also has a blog.

OO La La, this southern gem, via Southern Living, offers true warmth. A stone fireplace, canopy bed and an antler chandelier make it cozy and inviting!

The participants who show up on a regular basis have become wonderful resources for one another, sharing their expert tips and often secrets to the various design dilemmas that designers often face.

This lovely room via Traditional Home offers nearly everything your guests will need to be comfortable.

Another great benefit about setting aside one hour of your week to participate or sometimes simply watch as tweets fly by at an incredibly fast pace (making between 6 – 8 MILLION impressions on people all over the world!), is the educational experience and insight to the differences within the industry in relation to the region the tweeter resides or practices. The topics are most always educational with the occasional Twitter party where we chide each other across the room at a virtual venue.

Nestled under the eves or a finished attic space, this room is comfy and inviting.

May sound crazy, but the fact is I have met many, many of these tweeters aka “strange unknown axe murderers” in real life. Yep, I have. No crazies amongst them except for..oops, almost slipped there. Some of you know all about the axe murderer statement given as advice from loving husbands as their wives fly off to destinations to hang with these, well wonderful people! I even had the opportunity to meet up with several recently at a recent trade show for the Kitchen and Bath Industry after a live tweet-up.

What a nice group of designers who I tweet with weekly on #IntDesignerChat!

Twitter offers those who invest their time into developing relationships many rewards.

For a more airy feel, the bead-board on the ceiling lends a casual air to this room, for the Masters of the house or for their guests.

I hope you enjoyed your twitter tutorial as well as the lovely pictures of bedrooms! If you would like for Patti Johnson Interiors to Transform Your Space, please contact us! Please leave a comment, we love to hear from you!

Until next time ~ Chatti Patti

Tips for Designing Tight Spaces ~When Size Really Matters…

This past year I was challenged with designing a commercial space that measured less than 20 feet wide by approximately 100 ft. deep. The mandate was to create separate rooms or spaces for separate functions in a retail type setting.

This may sound simple, but in fact when faced with ADA compliance and all other codes would prove to be challenging, but I love a good challenge!

Walls go up!

Studio After Completion!

As you can see a lot has to happen in this space. Below is a picture of the glass panels used not only as a space-saving technique or design but to allow additional light into the space!

Here is how I added inches to an extremely narrow allowance  on one side of the space.  A “construction zone” for children to play with building blocks would end up barely 6 feet in width. My design concept as a solution to space limitations,  was to use  1/2″ tempered glass panels instead of standard 5 inch walls.

Space saving and light enhancing glass divider panels

I also specified that the panels be set into “U-channels” so that the blocks would not get scattered into the adjacent hallway. The doorway is open as well, no door installed to detract from space, so some blocks may find their way out!

Glass Partitions!

One other neat space-saving technique I employed was to specify a room divider to allow a space to be used by different parties simultaneously with separate entrances into the room. The accordion type wall could be opened for total use of the space and was mounted on a support beam!

A moveable partition to allow a single space to be used for two separate events.

These are just a few examples of space-saving options when designing in a tight space. Come back soon for more ideas from Chatti Patti. Thanks for stopping by…

ALL designs: Patti Johnson Interiors

All photos by and property of : Patti Johnson Interiors