Chatti Patti’s Upcoming Features

This year, Chatti Patti will be talking lots of design and to give you a glimpse of what exactly is in store, here’s the shortlist of what will be featured coming up:

✪     A post holiday synopsis of the Glendower Mansion in Lebanon decorated for the Historic Holiday Home Tour.


Interior Design: Patti Johnson Interiors Photo: Aaron Stringer Photography

✪     An in-depth look at what actually goes on in a Charity Designer Show House!  Chatti Patti takes readers on a sneak peek-behind the scenes of the activities of the interior designers, trades personnel and the homeowner of the Historic (almost) Rike Estate in Dayton, Ohio which is being presented by the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association. Privileged to be an interior designer on the project at the estate and member of the DPVA, I will share a little about what it takes to pull this off.  SO very much hard work is required from countless individuals not to mention the tireless efforts of the outstanding Board of Directors and their committees to create, organize and produce a beautiful Show House for the public to trample through. But more about that later and it will probably have it’s own page because Chatti Patti has lots to say about this Show House!


✪     Two or more interviews with some high profile ‘Leaders’ in the Interior Design Industry. Be prepared to be amazed!

interview stock photo

✪     The “Year Of The Rug” Yep, Chatti Patti and special guests will educate you on the unique characteristics of rugs and how to select a wonderful rug for your home if you do not call an interior designer to help in your selection which would of course be Chatti Patti’s first suggestion!


Photo of Rug courtesy of

So there you have it. Oh, and I promised to post about my sister-in-law’s fabulous Farm House that she and her husband recently built. Here’s some beautiful photos from my recent visit to Northern Michigan over the holidays. Much more about this lovely project in the months to come. Stay tuned!


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson


Photo credit: Patti Johnson

If there are any topics that you would like to see here on Chatti Patti Talks Design, by all means, leave a comment. We like to keep the readers happy! Thanks for stopping by and see you real, real soon.

If you’ve visited Chatti Patti Talks Design™ lately you may have wondered, “What in the world is going on with this website?” Truth is, it was hacked and suffered a severe malware issue which pretty much had pieces and complete pages of the website disappearing and looking quite crazy! So I wanted to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and to let you know the good news is that the site is back up and running intact and probably not entertaining Google ads anymore since that’s where the issue originated! Who’d of thought?