Luxury in Contemporary Design

Thoughtful and provoking contemporary design of luxurious private residences in California has been made to look easy by John Finton of Finton Construction. Recently, Brizo sent to me John Finton’s book “California Luxury Living, A Private Tour”  to review.  Without exception, I found it an easy book to summarize as it overflowed cover to cover with drool worthy photography of a selection of the builder’s outstanding residential designs in California. Lucky California!

john finton book cover

John Finton and Finton Construction’s work has been featured in multiple publications, platforms and has received numerous accolades. However, from a designer’s standpoint, the most important accolade(s) that an Interior Designer or Builder can receive are those of his or her client(s) which is quite evident here.  The well written yet brief introductions/chapters give the reader a clear sense of what each project entailed. The construction of these magnificent homes is truly inspirational and worthy of your attention.

What really stood out to me as I perused the colorful pages of this beautiful book, was the remarkable talent displayed in the execution of the full gamut of design/build. From the ultra contemporary to a modernist French Provincial to a beach home and even some historic renovation, the variety is definitely there.  This confirms that talented designers and builders can design and build well, regardless of the style, successfully. It takes vision.

Embedded below is John Finton’s self narrated YouTube video.  Opening shots will help you grasp the enormity of the design/build projects this company takes on.

One thing is for sure, you will have difficulty finding the page numbers listed in the Table of Contents due to the extraordinarily high number of full page photographs. To sum it up in a word, LUXURY. I recommend this book for every avid design lover.

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Amazing Doors

~Doors of the World~

Doors fascinate many people. I am one of those people.

Do you ever strain to see the doors of buildings when traveling as a passenger in a car to some new place?

I especially love doors of character and you will find that most of these amazing images are of doors from countries far away where buildings are ancient or very old. Some will intrigue me, some I fall in love with and some will tease me, cause me to yearn for a tour of what lies beyond. What do they speak to you?

gray door

A weathered gray wooden door with detailed wrought iron accents. Looks a bit rustic in the Limestone building.

old door with stone bldg

This door is so interesting with the paper box/mail slot on it. The bright orange is eye catching for sure in this very old stone home. Notice the stain coming off the bottoms where the door has been kicked open repeatedly.

red doors

These red painted doors appear as though they were added at a later date than the building as the opening is arched and the doors are squared. They also don’t appear to match the building. Interesting though.

yellow doors

Wow, the vividness of the yellow paint combined with the green painted wrought iron window grilles make this entrance stand out from the limestone facade.

turquoise doors

Love the boldness that these paneled double doors were painted for a brick home front entrance, Really intrigues me and makes me want to see inside although there is no door knob. Wonder why that is…

carved lintel door

Another turquoise double door entrance however, notice how the doors themselves have been carved to fit into the carved stone lintel.

mystical doors

Amazing and mystical is how I would describe these doors. The old gnarly tree trunks add an eery touch to the medieval feel.

dble doors with greenery

These cream doors draw the eye and the ivy creeping over the exterior walls have been trimmed and shaped to follow the slight arch at the top of the door.

stunning interior doors

These are interior doors but I love gray and detailed paneled doors. They’re a little overly ornate for the general residence but stunning none the less!

These glossy black double front doors make a striking contrast with the white trim and brass kick plates and Fleur de Lis door knockers.

These glossy black double front doors make a striking contrast with the white trim, brass kick plates and Fleur de Lis door knockers.

Black interior doors

These interior doors make this entrance pop. Painted gloss black is the way to go and the handrail and newel post have been painted as well. I have done this very look in homes.

art nuveau door

A modern Art Nouveau Double Door with black trim is striking with the light from the interior shining through.

detailed wooden doors

I love the detail on this cared door frame and lintel. The brass knobs on the front also make a statement.

old purple doors

These purple and gold antique doors appear to be constructed from brass or some type of metal.

navy and gold doors

Another striking example of ornate front doors. the gold overlay is very elegant with the deep peacock blue beneath.

antique key hole

Couldn’t resist adding this beautiful antique keyhole hardware and key. I think hardware that is unique really make a wonderful personal statement for your home. Calls for another post dedicated to hardware for the door. Upcoming.

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