When tasked with the design of an entire home, one of the first things a designer must do, is create a color palette that will produce flow and continuity for a calm and enjoyable living space. Repeating accent colors throughout an open floor plan is critical for cohesiveness and is the level of attention to detail that these clients appreciated. This was a project that I enjoyed so much that I was sad when it was finished!  I did however get to return (it was out of state) when I entered it into a local Home Builder’s Association of Remodeled Homes and was subsequently published.  The interior was completely made over, but that’s another blog post.  The Color Concept is what brings all the rooms to a comfortable and relaxing state.

The client was a fun couple that wanted this second home away from home to be lively yet inviting for entertaining all their out of town guests. Unifying color is easy to spot in these photos: YELLOW!



The beautifully glazed yellow ceiling with yellow salad plates and under-napkins unify the space and marry it to the rest of the house. Custom table. Grafitti Chandelier by Corbett Lighting.



Custom painted Horse statues reflect the Clients personalities and I had them commissioned by a local artist. The yellow painted back panel of the built-ins and glow of the fire create a vibrant yet warm setting. Notice the touch of yellow in the custom rug on the right in the dining area. Yellows and grays along with plums are a beautiful combination. Custom furnishings: Bernhardt Furnitureone of my top sources for furniture at Patti Johnson Interiors that I love to visit when at High Point Furniture Market. Custom water feature and custom rugs. Contact Patti Johnson Interiors


A pair of customized ottomans flank the entry to set the tones of color throughout the home.


Can’t find the perfect art for your space? Check out Etsy for unique one of a kind pieces.



A subtle black and white theme throughout this home is less stark when warm accent colors are added.



Let the Art speak to the space.



Comfy custom furnishings by Bernhardt Furniture.



Yellow says fun and that’s exactly what the homeowner/clients wanted for this second home away from home designed for intimate entertaining.



Scale is so important when adding seating to a space, not only is the scale of the furnishing important but the scale of the patterns at play.



A touch of a unifying color situated in various points in the line of vision pull all spaces together.

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Photography: Aaron Stringer Photography and Patti Johnson




Honored to be named as one of only eight (8)! Interior Designers from across the United States and Canada to represent the Home Furnishings Industry at 2015 Spring and Fall High Point Markets. Designers are selected to spot TRENDS in the industry and share on their social media outlets and blogs. Designers are chosen from different regions and I am proud to represent the midwest! I spotted several TRENDS as did the other remarkable Style Spotters and today’s post I am sharing what I believe to be one of the strongest if not THE strongest trend happening and that is the use of MIXED METALS  integrated into furnishings across the spectrum, from desks to lighting to beds to everything in between, there is an element of industrial metals to refined gold and polished nickel, which in my opinion beautifies the pieces, adds interest and a layer of texture to the design and furnishing of a beautifully designed space.



The SOHO desk of the SOHO Collection that I Style Spotted at Bernhardt Furniture is a showstopper! Capitalizing on the polished nickel, the geometry of the piece crosses over into another prominent TREND of SIMPLIFIED GEOMETRY. The parquet design of the burled top adds another layer of genius to a commanding piece of furniture. Notice the bar cabinet in background with Greek Key inspired door pulls and metal base. Bernhardt has a winner with this very fashionable collection. Simplicity in lines, yet says so much! I can’t wait until this is available!



Taylor Burke Home knocks your socks off with this STACKED PENDANT. The cut-away styled metal over-shade, the brass brads and even a gold metallic inner shade application, left me swooning. Again, this lighting fixture speaks to two major trends in home furnishings that will be visible for a long time to come, the metal aspect and the geometry; another TREND.



The Key West Credenza I Style Spotted by Ambella Home features over-scaled brass keys as adornment as well as the metal foot caps and stretcher bars. What a lovely piece, it seems to be saying “Look at me!” Amazing.



Michael Aram leaves us breathless with his abstract work artfully constructed of molten aluminum aptly entitled “After the Storm”. Upon careful study, it displays the remnants of debris on the streets after a storm and creates a layered effect. Lovely conversation piece.



Such a thrill to meet Michael Aram, the creative behind my Style Spot. He has a lovely showroom with artistic pieces that become heirlooms.


These are just a few of my favorite Style Spots from Market this past year.  I enjoy sharing what’s new and trending in the Home Furnishings Industry

so readers like you know what’s hot for a beautifully designed space! Which is your favorite piece? Would love to hear in your comments!


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Transforming Spaces Into Beautiful Places™ A Before and After

Transforming Spaces into Beautiful Places™ has always been the tag line of Patti Johnson Interiors and everyone loves a good Before and After, right? I certainly do – especially after six months of work to produce the end result for this Great Room.  I will be doing a series on Before and After projects from Patti Johnson Interiors that I have completed over the past two years. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment on these amazing transformations!



A BEFORE photo I took of a project, that actually we had already begun some demo on.

AFTER shot from a similar angle. Photo: Aaron Stringer

AFTER shot from a similar angle. Photo: Aaron Stringer

First order was to rework the tired and traditional (dated) fireplace and small mantel and the bookcases. I selected a new modern fireplace insert with a stainless steel interior to reflect the flames and a water feature by Adagio. In addition, I selected Cambria quartz as a new surround and hearth. Removing some of the shelving in the built-ins and giving them a more dramatic color palette really changed the entire look and feel of the space. Custom lighting, custom painted horses and great furniture by Bernhardt brought the space to life but kept it cozy and intimate for entertaining.

Looking into the Dining Room BEFORE

Looking into the Dining Room BEFORE  Photo: Patti Johnson


Dining Room AFTER Photo: Aaron Stringer

Removing the chair rail and opening the wall to the adjacent den, beautiful color on the walls and ceiling with amazing light fixtures, this dining area is now an enjoyable place to dine.


Boring Stairway - Couldn't wait to get my hand on it!

Boring Stairway – Couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Photo: Patti Johnson

Change out the spindles, paint the handrail and newell posts and give them an artistic finial. Paint the wall and risers black and Voila! Amazing Transformation!

Change out the spindles, paint the handrail and newel posts and give them an artistic finial. Paint the wall and risers black and Voila! Amazing Transformation! Photo: Aaron Stringer

Stay tuned for the next exciting reveal from Patti Johnson Interiors!

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