noun \shēn-ˈwäz-rē, -ˈwä-zə-;ˌshēn-ˌwäz-ˈrē, -ˌwä-zə-\ or in my terms: Shen WAZZ er EE

From Mirriam-Webster:

“Fanciful European interpretations of Chinese styles in the design of interiors, furniture, pottery, textiles, and gardens. The expansion of trade with East Asia produced a lively vogue for Chinese fashions in the 17th–18th centuries. The most outstanding chinoiserie interior was the Trianon de Porcelaine (1670–71), built for Louis XIV at Versailles. The style featured lavish gilding and lacquering, the use of blue and white (as in delftware), asymmetrical forms, unorthodox perspective, and Asian motifs. In the 19th century, the fashion gave way to Turkish and other styles considered exotic.”

chinoiserie kitchen

This kitchen is so STUNNING, even if you do not like CHINOISERIE. I’m loving the deep coral almost red accent in the gorgeous chairs, lantern and even the chandy. Notice the chairs with the chandy are a different style and even though the accent color is carried through, the style is decidedly more modern than the pagoda lantern. This is a beautifully designed kitchen!

chinoiserie lighting fixture

This is a WONDERFUL Pagoda Lantern. The touches of gold will lend itself well to lovely Chinoiserie wallpaper with similar colors. drool.

chinoiserie grandfather clock

If you don’t enjoy the overdone Chinoiserie style (and yes, it is out there) how’s this for a wonderful piece?

chinoiserie chair

This is an AMAZING PAGODA CHAIR. Love the intricate detail.

chinoiserie living area

This room is pretty much fully Chinoiserie but well executed.

residential interior, exterior architecture,

This room represents a very updated and modern take on a Chinoiserie design. Clean and simple at the same time. Do you like it?

cinoiserie grand room

A more masculine approach in my opinion to a Chinoiserie design living area. It comes across a little more HUSHED and serious, don’t you agree?

chinoiserie in silver and gold bath

Now THIS is taking my breath away. I adore Silver and Gold together in everything, but how elegant it makes this bathroom simply with the addition of the wall paper, mirror and the deep silver-gray vanity. Even the sink has the silver detail. I do not know the designer who did this, but SALUTE!

chinoiserie living room

Lovely Chinoiserie in this living room, more feminine.

chinoiserie WP

Wonderful Chinoiserie wallpaper, the beginnings of a beautiful room.

chinoiserie wp and cake

Okay, this one takes the CAKE! No pun intended. well….

chinoiserie wallpaper and steps

Taking Chinoiserie a STEP further. Or several steps so to speak…

pink chinoiserie

What a cheerful room. This room would wake me up out of a sound sleep but gorgeous!

I hope you have enjoyed these examples of Chinoiserie as much as I have. Growing up in the (insert decade) many of my friends homes were decorated with this particular style as I recall.  It never quite made it into our home in it’s entirety, just a hint here or there, but I have a growing appreciation for it and I hope you do as well.  Thank you for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design, please leave a comment on this post or let me know what other topics you would like to learn about!

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