Mirrors as Art~

Everyone has one and certainly everyone needs one (or more). Mirrors. Plural. Displayed in a grouping, mirrors make a wonderful focal point.  How can that be achieved? Subject to individual taste and style, it can be achieved in many different ways to compliment or to dress up virtually any space.

Mirrors come in countless varieties and diverse shapes, sometimes even more than art work. With paintings, the emphasis is usually and should be on the art itself and less ornamentation is considered favorable for the framing although many are framed elaborately. Mirrors are often admired for their unique frames and/or shapes along with their reflective quality. I recommend hanging mirrors of several shapes and sizes in a stairwell, or actually have professional hang them, it’s a bit tricky!  Stairwells are usually a spot in the home that can always use a little more light, even when in an open foyer. Here is a collection of rectangular mirrors enhancing a stairwell in a traditional setting.

A timeless look, a classic and cohesive design achieved by a collection of similar shapes and frame finish.

A good quality mirror will have high quality silver content, several layers of back painting and be copper free. A lesser quality of mirror may have aluminum backing instead of the silver nitrate. Prices of mirrors range dramatically and the factor is quality just as it would be in art or furnishings.

“Mirrors offer more interest, texture in frame applications,  reflective quality and enhance a room with more light than  pictures on the walls.”~Patti Johnson

Here are some beautiful mirrors to illustrate that mirrors can be used in any type of decor:

Multiples of a mirror hung over a sofa can fill a large space or long wall.

Traditional yet a more modern approach to a wall of mirrors.

Mirrors are a nice option if you are not an art collector but art is in the eye of the beholder, right? It draws the eye and when done in a grouping can make a  focal point even more interesting!

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