The $35,000 Kitchen Island ~

What, a $35,000 island? It better be good! When you see the photos below, you will see the design gave the homeowner exactly what they wanted, a large multi-functional working space with room for two cooks and lots of room for guests to gather ’round!

As a designer who also does kitchen and bath remodeling, I can attest that many people do not have a clear understanding on one aspect of the remodel process and that is: LABOR COST and actually, rightfully so! Who knew?

Many people come to me with ideas of what they “wish”  to accomplish in their kitchen.  Some have done their research in regards to appliances, have possibly even been to a granite yard, etc. however do not fully understand the labor involved and that is where Chatti Patti comes in…to educate the consumer, even if you don’t want or need a $35,000 island.

In this post, Chatti Patti is spotlighting a luxury kitchen makeover that Patti Johnson Interiors designed and executed in the Columbus, Ohio area, focusing on just the kitchen island in this segment and what was involved for its completion to give you, the reader, an idea of budgeting and where those precious dollars go.

Here is the “BEFORE” picture of the kitchen prior to remodel by PJI~

Patti Johnson Interiors Kitchen Remodel

Here is the Proposed Kitchen Island Improvement:

Drawing for proposed Island and Kitchen Remodel

Here is the $35,000+ Kitchen Island after remodel by PJI~ two views:

A $35,000 Kitchen Island

Here is an approximate breakdown of the island cost:

Cabinetry  & Hardware $6000.00

Granite  $8,000.00: Two pieces, Total of 80 s.f. with ogee edge with 2 cut outs – no seams

Thermador 48″ 6 burner gas cook-top & telescoping downdraft ventilation system with blower motor ~ $5,000.00

Wine Cooler $950.00

Prep sink with food disposal and faucet – $550.00

Microwave – $550.00

Demo, Installation of cabinetry and appliances

Installation of HVAC (cook-top ventilation through floor and exterior wall to vent outside of basement in rear of home), Re-routing the heat duct into the toe kick of island

Electrical: Outlets for: Cook-top, Ventilation, Wine Cooler, secondary disposal, dedicated microwave outlet, and auxiliary outlets for standard kitchen use. Adding all electrical to panels in basement and bringing to code.

Plumbing for running gas line,  drain and water lines for prep sink.

Delivery, parts and taxes

Labor $14,000

Actually, the cost could have gone higher with the addition of a warming drawer or double drawer veggie coolers which in turn present more electrical, cabinetry and installation costs! But as you can see, there was Italian travertine flooring, perimeter granite (black galaxy), new appliances, window treatments, sink, faucet, tumbled marble backsplash, additional recessed lighting and chandeliers all to be worked into the budget.

Costs can vary. Why? Depends largely upon what currently exists in the space and what is being added as well as the quality and quantity of  cabinetry and appliances incorporated into an island. This home was less than 10 years old at the time of remodel, however Patti Johnson Interiors has remodeled  kitchens and baths in homes built during the 1950’s and it can require a lot more work and investment when it comes to code compliance with local entities by the necessary upgrading of electrical wiring & panels, outdated plumbing, discovering that there is no insulation behind the wall and the all around “UNKNOWN” factor.  Working with experienced contractors and licensed plumbers and electricians, all work is completed to code by Patti Johnson Interiors.

Chatti Patti goes GREEN.

Green & Sustainability~ How is this design Green you ask? Notice the perimeter cabinets are original; stripped and repainted with an automotive type finishing application, new accent dentil molding, toe kick and hardware were added as well as some re-configurations i.e. plate rack, decorative end panels, etc. saved the homeowner a LOT of money while repurposing at the same time. The cabinets were solid maple and in very good condition so refinishing them vs. replacing gave the homeowner the ability to achieve the more desirous features in the kitchen! All appliances removed were donated to Habitat for Humanity of Delaware, Ohio ~ PJI will always look for “Green”practices to incorporate into every design!

  • Part of the PJI difference and design philosophy is that you don’t have to replace everything! Often when designing a room for a client and specifying furnishings, PJI will suggest one or two focal or investment pieces and some basic less expensive pieces mixed in. Certainly friendlier on the budget!
  • The Patti Johnson Interiors Motto ~ “Transforming Spaces Into Beautiful Places!”. If you are looking to hire an interior designer in the Michigan or Ohio area, please contact me at 740-816-3606. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Be sure and check back frequently as Chatti Patti shares her interior design insight and expertise!

Disclaimer: ALL Design and Photography property of Patti Johnson Interiors and cannot be copied without consent.  Thank You.

Top 5 Ways to Choose the Right #Colors for your Home ~


By now, you’ve probably heard so many different viewpoints on how to select the right paint color or interior color themes for your home that  your head is probably spinning! I don’t even have time to go spinning, so I have made it easy for you.

Interior Designers, Home Decorator and Color professionals may each have a slightly different approach in achieving color selection.  Over the past several years, I have approached it in the following manner and found that it really, really works. And, works well. What I am sharing with you here, is not simply selecting a color for your walls or a color to “match” (hate that word) your floral sofa, but for your lifestyle and a cohesive design statement.

  1. What’s in  your closet?
    • That’s right, what’s hanging in there? Well, not sure I want the answer to that, but what do you wear, color-wise? Most of us select our clothing based on what we like when we FIRST see it somewhere else. On a hanger in a store, in a print ad, internet, etc. This means you like to look at it. Next comes the part where you determine if it looks good ON you. If so, decision made. Simple, it comes home with you and becomes part of your self-expression. If you feel comfortable wearing it, you most likely will feel comfortable living with it. This is closely related to personality. So, express yourself! Okay, this is obviously a staged closet, my closet looks similar…um, I have a bit more black.

Neutral palette ~ Interiors reflect this.

picture courtesy of

2. What’s the exterior of your home look like?

    • This is very important for cohesive design. Unless you plan to change the exterior color (like my client below), the interior will flow nicely if a visitor doesn’t have to put on sun shades or stumbles backwards upon entering. If there is a predominate color, (usually it’s neutral, even a red brick can be “neutral) that would be a good starting point. If it does happen to be red brick it doesn’t necessarily mean you must  have that color on the interior, this is just a starting point.

Front of home prior to Patti Johnson Interiors – Get rid of the RED mulch!

Exterior after by Patti Johnson Interiors

Interior by Patti Johnson Interiors

Notice how the Exterior and the Interior of the home are now in alignment. The existing golden oak handrails, posts and stairtreads were painted in a gloss black to integrate into the cohesive color palette.

Designs and photos: Patti Johnson Interiors.

3. Next is nature.

    • You’ve likely heard this before. This can include a number of thing such as: What colors are in nature? Well, just about every color you can think of. But more importantly, what non-neutral colors are you drawn to? If you adore poppies and geraniums, then accents of bright red will work well for you. This can be achieved in small doses by introduction of accent pillows, even small kitchen appliances. You get the idea. Even an accent wall. But it doesn’t need to be the over-riding theme. The red here sure gives a lot of punch.

      Red accents in kitchen via Interior Design Houses

4. What is your view like?

    • This is also very important. If you have an awesome water or beautiful landscape view,  then the interior should showcase that and not distract from it.  This is why you will find the color palette of many Coastal Homes in soft, neutral tones. AND, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term, “Bring the outside in?” It refers to letting the view take center stage and likewise setting the stage or designing around the view rather than competing with it on the interior.

As seen in Coastal Living by Phoebe Howard - Serene Palette

5. What’s the current trend?

    • And finally, let’s touch on trends. You may think, I cannot afford to update every time there are trend changes. You don’t necessarily have to but if you’re one of millions of  homeowners who like to be “on top of trends” well, yes, yes you can. If you invest in neutral upholstery and floor covering, you can update a paint color on the wall and change out your pillows and a new rug for a fresh perspective.

Orange as a trend. Picture via FLOR

So, there you have my philosophy in selecting both interior and exterior colors. There are many other things that as a Designer, I take into consideration. These are suggestions to get you started, Cohesive doesn’t have to mean boring or neutral, it can be bright and cheery. Cohesive means that there’s a REASON your foyer is electric blue, so let the colors flow throughout the space! I also suggest you experiment with small sample sizes of paint colors, you will be amazed at how different it can look on a wall vs. a 2 inch square!  Hope you enjoyed my guideline and if you still need some help, contact me! I LOVE to help with color selection for your lifestyle and to“Make Your Home Your Haven”!

~ Chatti Patti
Art Studio is Open with some Green Ideas!

Art Studio is Open with some Green Ideas!

Recycled Tables from solid core doors

One of my contractors cut done the doors, laminated them in Pionite and now they are a showpiece. Booths and Chairs from Chicago Booth.

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