A Well Designed Life via BlogtourCali

I lived a very Well Designed Life last month during BlogTourCali. What is that you may ask? Interior Design BlogTours were the brainchild of Veronika Miller, founder of Modenus, with the purpose of gathering designers from various geographical areas and design backgrounds who are active on social media, to drink wine, to travel and be exposed to new design shows, products and elements for the purpose of educating them so they can in turn educate their readers.

Arriving in Santa Monica by chauffeur from the airport to our hotel, we were treated to an opening night reception on the top floor with an amazing view. Cameras clicked and people clicked. It was magical. Veronika shared what surprises were in store for us.

Santa Monica BlogTourCali



Beginning the BlogTourCali foray into the California scene was not at all difficult considering the amazing weather that designers from OHIO don’t encounter during October! So after a meet and greet at the hotel with the other bloggers, both stateside and international, we were whisked off to a warm Hollywood Welcome at Petit Ermitage, a Bohemian Boutique Hotel (with an amazing website, so be sure to click on the hotel name to check it out!) sponsored by DXV,the high end line of American Standard in Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings.


Signage to welcome us to what was in store!


Delightful and quaint seating areas where we had our evening meal shared by DXV media personnel. Remember we are all design bloggers so no toilet jokes.


Thank you to our BlogTourCali Sponsor DXV for an amazing evening! It was lovely!


blogTourCali DXV dinner

A verdant rooftop garden oasis was the backdrop for the evening.

BlogTourCali Strikeapose

Of course I had to include a photo of moi, for the DXV Strike a Pose Event. Enough of you did not vote for me so I did not win. Thanks so much.

You will learn a little more about the DXV product line when I share with you about the Westedge Design Fair and other sponsors. But before we converged upon the Design Fair we were treated to a marvelous Brunch at Miele-usa Showroom. Stay tuned for mouth-watering photos of news of their amazing new cooking equipment!



What’s a Blog Tour?

Blog Tour. Blog Tour London. What’s a BlogTour and why do you keep hearing about it? A Blog Tour is when a selected group of bloggers are invited to a sponsored tour of a certain place or  destination that is directly or closely related to the type of blog they write and the industry in which they work for the purpose of exposing these bloggers to products or experiences for press release. In this case (Blog Tour London), its design. Interior Design. Designers and Design Bloggers. Come along and see exactly what we did and what we took away from it. All the photos from my recent excursion to London via Modenus really make me smile, bringing back memories of wonderful experiences in international design, meeting fellow design bloggers and international designers and businesses that I am connected to via Social Media in real life.  I’ll be sharing many photos with you, to illustrate our escapades.

Let’s begin with post flight.  Along with two blogging companions that were on my transatlantic flight, we checked into the oh-so-chic CitizenM Hotel newly opened in London. My first impression:

CitizenM Lobby – Photo: Patti Johnson

CitizenM Hotel Street shot, Photo: CitizenM

The CitizenM Hotel is new on Lavington St. just having opened this past summer! The contemporary furnishing installations in the public spaces are from Vitra. My initial impression of  European furniture is that it is much smaller in scale than American furniture.

“Vitra is a furniture company dedicated to developing healthy, intelligent, inspiring and durable solutions for the office, the home and for public spaces.

Vitra’s products and concepts are developed in Switzerland by applying a diligent design process that brings together the company’s engineering excellence with the creative genius of leading international designers. It is our goal to create products with a high functional and aesthetic life expectancy.” ~ Vitra.com

Example of CitizenM lobby. Photo: CitizenM

We then deposited our bags and checked out our rooms….and they even spelled my name right!

“IPad” type device controls temperature, lighting including mood lighting, (yes, you can select your mood), alarm, television etc. One tap turns off the lights once in the comfy bed. Photo: Patti Johnson

The technology in the United Kingdom is… a bit more progressive than in Ohio let’s say, but a few of us Americans became, let’s say a bit umm, perplexed on how to work it. That’s all I’m gonna say about that, and I didn’t slip it into my bag either. The beds were great and the hotel was very accommodating and I would recommend it for  international travelers. CitizenM is soon to open a location in NYC!

First on the agenda for #BlogTourLdn  for our arrival time was lunch at Berkeley Square at noon, courtesy of  the  The Lapada Art and Antiques Fair! After securing directions we  headed out to the tube or the London Underground. As you can see, we made it to “Chalk Farm” but oh my, that wasn’t even in the right direction! We asked directions again. And again.

London Bridge Underground

Doesn’t Mr. Goodwill Hunting look sophisticated with his leather brief?

After two hours and a few more rides on the tube, we found our way to Berkeley Square.  No time for sight-seeing, all we could think of was that a very lovely luncheon awaited us at the Lapada Art and Antiques Fair and by now we were determined to get there and EAT! Although we were extremely tardy, the staff cheerfully and very  graciously prepared for us  a wonderful meal of lamb and herbs. It was also here that we first met our fearless leaders Veronika Miller and Tim Bogan who arranged this wonderful tour with help from the lovely Erin Tye.  After much conversation and introductions, we enjoyed a delicious dessert and a cappuccino.

I also had the privilege of sitting next to Sarah Percy-Davis, the Chief Executive of Lapada who was extremely cordial and told me a bit about the show this year and the high volume of visitors and sales. With our appetites satisfied, we headed out to ooh and ahh over the show floor. The Lapada Art & Antiques Fair is the UK’s Largest Trade Association for Professional Art and Antiques Dealers. The fair’s primary sponsor is  1st Dibs  which according to their tagline: “THE WORLD’S LEADING ONLINE MARKETPLACE FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS ON EARTH” so that may give you an idea of what was there to feast your eyes upon.

One of the Art pieces on display at Lapada that I thought illustrated our visit quite well! Photo:Patti Johnson

A B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l antique SILVER display from a vendor at the Lapada Art & Antiques Fair. I adore silver! Photo: Patti Johnson

More exquisite antiques! Photo: Patti Johnson

Just an average view as we head out in our taxi toward the hotel. Photo: Patti Johnson

View from the car as we made our way back to the Hotel CitizenM to change and prepare for dinner.

Not a bad rear view!

Stay tuned for more from Chatti Patti about the events attended on Blog Tour London 2012! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a question!

Thank you to our wonderful Blog Tour London 2012 Sponsors!