Your Luxury Bath aka Potty Talk

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Vanity of Vanities…and #PINTEREST!

 What does your bath say about you?

Thought I’d start out with a picture of a soothing, luxury bath. How could anyone not at least enjoy using this particular bath? I would get up extra early so I could spend more time in here, oops, it’s missing a small flat panel TV in the corner. I know, you may not like that idea, but I do.

A lovely way to start the day…

These pictures are from my #Pinterest site. If I have the source, I will always give credit. According to

“The most exciting thing about Pinterest is the way people use it to do more in their lives. Whether you’re looking for a cool new kitchen table, preparing a special meal, or planning a vacation; knowing the origin of a pin, where to learn more about it, or how to buy what’s pictured is an important part of making Pinterest useful for you. We also want to try to give credit where credit is due. That’s why we’ve always tried to include attribution and direct links to sources of content.”

Cozy and so very #Romantic!

Above: A definite no nonsense approach! Do what you need to do and move on.

A bit over the top unless you transformed your church into your home, but I can do that for you as well.

Topic for #IntDesignerChat for July 31, 2012 is using Pinterest for Branding your Design Business.

Here are some great Pinterest tips from my twitter friend: Elizabeth Traub:

“1.  Plan Your Pinning Quantities

If you find one great picture, don’t just pin that one picture.  The feed with Pinterest, and it’s growing popularity, moves rapidly. One single picture will get lost.  I save up pictures to total about ten pictures to be pinning at one time.  If you only have a few pictures. Learn the art of cropping. You can take one picture and expand on it’s elements.  Pin that one picture, and then focus on the specific elements of the picture, crop in close ups and then pin those close up elements, giving more views of your picture through the feed.

If you have tens and hundreds of pictures. Space your pinning out.  It seems that I see MASSIVE pinning from an individual or company and then never again to be seen pinning for  weeks.  I try to set 2 days a week, all the time I have right now, for pinning my own pictures for Hung Out To Buy. This is also consistent with the adding of new products  to our website.  This consistency keeps the flow of traffic being driven to our website.

2.  Highlight Your Own Work

I am surprised at how many professional boards have boards that are not their own stuff on the first two row of boards. Create your own boards, with your own work on that first few row of boards.  Take a moment and check out the first row on Hung Out To Buy’s boards  Our second and 3rd rows also highlight our own boards.  Breaking down what our boards will show gives us more boards that are our very own.”

I hope you enjoyed the Chatti Patti feature today about Bathrooms and Pinterest! Leave a comment and we’ll see you soon! ~