A Luxury Bath – Classic Style

A fresh new master bath remodel in a luxurious classic style features the Townsend Faucet by American Standard.

As a designer and a DesignHound, I find that when designing spaces, shape and form are extremely important when trying to create a certain look or”feel”. For a tailored look, crisp lines and squarish/rectangular shapes hit the mark.  With the style of this rectangular sink, I selected the Townsend Faucet by American Standard with its crisp transitional and modern vibe to compliment the rectangular shape of the sink, the mirrors and vanity lights to unify this luxurious space.


Chrome gives your luxury bath a very polished look.  I love the low profile of the Townsend Faucet. Notice how the lines of the faucet are right at the 4″ back-splash for a clean look, and we all want our bathrooms to look clean, right?

A light touch to turn the handles is all that is needed. It has an extremely quiet operation. The Townsend widespread faucet is made from solid brass construction and is drip free, a top feature when redesigning a luxury bath. The Townsend features an architecturally inspired design modeled after the Manhattan Bridge. It is available to you in four beautiful finishes; polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel and legacy bronze.



This bathroom remodel required double faucets and I truly love the way they compliment the space and don’t compete, yet make a statement!


A widespread installation makes it easy to clean around the faucet, again, we all like our bathrooms clean! And while we are discussing a clean bathroom, let me tell you about the American Standard VorMax Toilet with VorMax flushing technology. With its’ revolutionary flushing action, the  “Clean Curve™” rim design and the Ever Clean® surface keep the bowl so clean from top to bottom, you’ll never have to worry about missing a spot again” ~ American Standard


Engineered for cleanliness.


What’s  not to love about this beautiful bathroom. American Standard has a commitment to excellence and that is why they are THE American Standard in plumbing fixtures.


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This post has been sponsored by American Standard and Design Hounds.







































I’m loving the glam that the chrome finish on the Townsend brings into the space, it picks up the sparkles in the quartz countertops.






















































































































































































































































































































































































































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