Your Luxury Bath aka Potty Talk

No more cleaning?? Well, almost, at least in the bathroom. Meet the ActiClean, self cleaning toilet that combines the revolutionary VorMax flushing technology with a fully integrated user-activated-cleaning system. One press of a button and your toilet does the rest. You are hereby encouraged to visit the American Standard website to learn more about all the innovation in these Home products. Their website is actually full of beautiful images, this post speaks to the innovation!


What do you picture when someone says Luxury Bath?  A soaking tub? Separate vanities, a self cleaning toilet? Well, yeah!, all of the above. Wouldn’t that be great, a self cleaning toilet? Who wants to talk about that?  Well,  we’re doing potty talk here today.  And yes, American Standard Brand offers a self cleaning toilet.

  • Health – A patented EverClean antimicrobial finish, available on toilets and whirlpool tubs, inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria on surfaces, keeping them cleaner for longer, even after years of use. Bathrooms are notorious for germs, and toilets are a prime culprit. We have engineered a high-performance toilet that features a germ-free, no-touch flush – it’s called ActiVate. A simple wave of your hand and your toilet flushes waste away.


 The LIXIL business is a global market leader in the Kitchen & Bath industry, and covers the full range of products across designs, technologies and price points. LIXIL is represented by its powerful range of brands, including GROHE, American Standard, and DXV. It is still highly recommended that you wash your hands following the use of, and what better way than these beautiful faucets by DXV?


 Take a very close look at these 3D printed faucets.  Where is the water coming from? Faucets as pictured here are:

  • Shadowbrook: presents water as a stream bouncing on rock in riverbed.
  • Trope: four thin sections curve upward to meet midway up faucet stem.
  • Vibrato: delicate latticework concealing waterways that converge at top.

“DXV transformed faucet design and engineering with the launch of the first residential faucets created with 3D printing. -While this technique has been used to create plastic prototypes for years, these are the first ready-for-market residential faucets printed in metal.

The faucets are printed using a computer-guided laser beam that fuses powdered metal into the desired shape with high heat and pressure. A solid metal block gradually arises out of the powder, and is then hand-finished to smooth any extraneous metal and reveal the design shape. In a revival of bespoke craftsmanship, the faucet is then hand-finished by artisans who give it a rich, fine patina and feel that mimics the texture found on antique silver pieces.”Lixil

American Standard was a sponsor for bloggers on #BlogTourKBIS during this years’ annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando.  I am happy to have been included!

Thanks for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design.  You never know what the topic will be!


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