Be SMART about it!

Carpeting. Floor covering. No matter how you look at it, it’s a big deal! So let’s be smart about it! SmartStrand by Mohawk is the softest performance carpeting in the industry in my own Chatti opinion.  Mohawk was a sponsor for bloggers to attend the world’s premier Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in January in Orlando.


You can look at carpet all day long, but the difference is the way it will feel beneath your feet when your feet hit the floor at 6:00 am or 2:00 am! It’s the way it feels when you’re rolling on the floor with your child! Here, ⇑⇑ we could touch and feel the evolution of SmartStrand.


  • “—Mohawk’s introduction of SmartStrand® Silk Reserve carpet lifts the flooring experience to new levels with astonishing softness, maximum durability and easy maintenance. “Our new SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpet is for consumers who appreciate the extraordinary,” said Seth Arnold, senior director of brand, soft surface. “The astonishing softness immediately captures attention and conveys high quality. That’s why we call it ‘Reserve’; this carpet provides a quality experience for consumers who are looking for something amazing.” Creating the Wow with Each Touch

  • SmartStrand Silk Reserve provides a distinct experience in carpet. Mohawk placed seven carpets from five leadings brands in ten markets across the U.S. to put the astonishing softness of this carpet to the test. Consumers preferred the softness of SmartStrand Silk Reserve 4:1 over all of the carpets combined. Remains Beautiful 3x Longer

So, what is SmartStrand? With features such as:

  1. All  Pet Protection!
  2. Forever Clean!
  3. Forever Stain-Free!
  4. Forever Pure!
  5. Forever Durable!

With qualities and declarations such as these amazing features, I would purchase sight unseen but when you see the beautiful and popular colorways SmartStrand Silk Reserve is offered in, you will be SOLD!


  • SmartStrand Silk Reserve stands up to common household wear. Through an independent walk test, Mohawk proved the amazing durability of SmartStrand Silk Reserve. In this test, SmartStrand Silk Reserve endured 60,000 steps—the equivalent of seven years of foot traffic— and still remained beautiful. Worry-Free Carpet

  • The SmartStrand Silk Reserve fiber was designed to maintain its beauty. It has permanent builtin stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off. Plus, it is enhanced with Nanoloc™ spill shield and soil protection, which makes cleanups quick and easy, and Mohawk’s All Pet Protection and Warranty, which provides the ultimate in protection for all pets, all accidents, all the time!” ~ Mohawk



Yes, we loved the SmartStrand Silk Reserve, especially after being on our feet all day at KBIS! 

Thank you for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design and Thank you to our sponsor Mohawk for the experience we had in Orlando with Barefoot and Bellini’s at The Ritz Carlton!  (I know, we don’t really look like we were “Puttin on the Ritz” but we sure enjoyed diving into the SmartStrand experience!)



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