Quick update before I head off on #BlogTourOrlando for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, also known as KBIS.  From there I will be reporting on trends in the kitchen and bath marketplace from all over the world, what’s HOT and what’s NOT.  Be sure to follow along on Twitter, Instagram and FB as I share photos of great kitchen and bath products, product intros and overall good times meeting up  with fellow designer friends from all over the United States and abroad.

I was delighted to learn yesterday that I was included as one of the 200 Top Industry Influencers in the Home Design Industry of 2017 in the nation, along with an amazing and impressive list of world class designers and home professionals.  Click the link in the photo below to peruse the listing.  Names are listed alphabetical by first name.



“Who Are the Influencers

Our list of home design influencers consists of nation-wide industry experts including interior designers, home stagers, home designers, and other home design specialists. We’ve found them through their contributions to blogs, news, and social media, selecting them based on criteria such as how big their online following is and often their name or business appears in top industry lists, as well as for awards they’ve won.

Why You Should Know About Them

The home design industry doesn’t change on its own; it’s the people at the very forefront of the design world who are dictating the colors, materials, designs, and styles that shape the way we live and work in our homes and offices.

If you’ve already checked out our list of the top construction influencers for 2017, you may also want to learn who the top influencers in the home design industry will be in the new year as well, particularly if you are:

  • Someone who works in the home design industry, and needs to keep up with the latest styles and trends
  • Someone interested in designing or decorating their home, or purchasing a new one
  • Anyone who is interested in home design and construction, and the way these fields constantly change

By staying in touch with industry influencers, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the field, seeing trends as they emerge and helping your clients achieve the freshest looks possible. This will help put you in demand as someone who’s in touch with the latest trends, and will enable you to help predict trends and fads of the future on your own.

Moreover, keeping up to date with industry influencers has added benefits, including:

  • New relationships that can help grow your business
  • Introductions to brands and forums that may be of relevance to you
  • Up to date information about your target audience, allowing you to change and adjust your approach to better meet their needs

We hope you’ll use this list of the top 200 influencers in the home design industry to help explore where home design is heading next. When you’re in touch with those who drive the industry, you stand a better chance of helping to drive it yourself.”

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