#BlogTourCali – Westedge Design Fair



As mentioned in previous posts, BlogTourCali; A Well Designed Life ascended upon the Westedge Design Fair in Santa Monica, California this past October, anxious to see the latest and greatest. This design event on the West Coast is similar to the AD&D Show in NYC.

Attending Design Trade Shows is a highlight of my year, for so many reasons, foremost being the opportunity to personally view a curated collection of top shelf products in the industry, selected by the experienced professionals in the industry. Here’s a link to learn more about the Who’s Who behind Westedge Design Fair.

I can honestly say that on several occasions that I have specified products on projects that I had only just seen at such a fair! The exposure to many national and international companies that just may not make it to your local showroom, let’s say in OHIO, well, I find it extremely beneficial and I just know that there will be some products that I saw and was subsequently impressed with in Santa Monica that will likely end up in one of my future projects! And all thanks to Modenus,  for a Well Designed Life #BlogTour and our wonderful sponsors of which Westedge Design Fair was one.


Check out this amazing spiral glass staircase!



Need to add that very special staircase to heaven? Call Marretti, or better yet, call Patti Johnson Interiors! We’ll make it happen.


And of course the Italian firm Marretti will cause your steps to appear as if they are floating. You can view their site here.



Sun Valley Bronze had a beautiful display of their hardware. Jewels for your home.

Another fun part of BlogTours or attending national or international design trade shows is of course, ah-hem,  the very social aspect. It is all about social media to a degree. I was able to see many other people in the industry that I have met through the years. One of the exhibitors was Black Crow Studios, a specialty wall covering company and you can view their amazing products here.

You are hereby encouraged to visit the links in this post to see for yourself the amazing products!  Thanks for stopping by, all photography by Patti Johnson



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