Yearning for Awnings

Lately, I have a yearning for awnings! When I think of awnings, I often think of summertime, window boxes over-flowing with flowers and street side cafes. What do you think of? I recently drove by a beautiful home in the upscale neighborhood of Hyde Park, Ohio  proudly displaying its lovely awnings and a large wrap around front porch complete with drapery panels coordinating with the awnings and the outdoor furniture.  It was a white house perched on a hill and was reminiscent of Grand Hotels. That is what inspired this post! I did not take a photo of it, maybe I’ll go back…

 Definition (Webster’s dictionary) of an AWNING: a roof-like cover extending over or in front of a place (as over the deck or in front of a door or window) as a shelter…


green awnings residential


Very European Design of wrought iron awning. Love this.


A glass and iron awning has a greenhouse look and effect.

res blk white awnings

Yet another classic look for this older home with the black and white combination awnings on the front facade.

awning hotel pink

Often the word awnings conjures up an image of a hotel.

Awning 1 shutterstock

Love the classic black and white combination on these shop window awnings with a gently scalloped edge.

awning black scalloped

I’m beginning to think the classic combo of black and white in awnings is a timeless design!

awning restaurant

Another classic black and white combo for a restaurant awning. Just makes it look more inviting.

Awning store front 2 tone

I love the Glamour of this awning with side panels for a shop! The detail speaks to quality and make one more curious about what lies beyond!

awning street shop

A “sweet” version of an awning for this Perfumery.

Awning Striped over sink

An interior awning serves as a window valance in this kitchen photo.

Awning wrought iron scrollwork

The ornate design of this awning fixture and safety doors and grille work is breathtaking. Wish i knew where it was from…

Red awning baloon

Red and White awning used as a photo op for this lovely bride. Another classic combination.

zinc awning

The weathered effect only lends to enhance this awning!


Thanks for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design. These photos were sourced on Bing images and credit is given when the source is displayed.


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