Time To Garden!

Time to garden! It’s that time of year! The weather has warmed and spring cleanup has begun or even been completed.  I’m making a little garden in my back yard and I wanted a special tree for the center of it that wouldn’t grow too big over the years.  I love Japanese Maples but I have one and always plant them at every house we live in and wanted something different. So, today I visited the local garden/landscape shop in town and spotted the perfect tree.  A Japanese Dwarf  Variegated Willow. OK, another Japanese variety but I love that it will only grow to 8′ in height! Perfection.

Japanese Willow 2

As soon as I stepped from the car, I spotted the hint of pink on the tips of the leaves. I didn’t have to look any further! I enjoy the pink and purple scheme in my garden.

Japanese Willow

I love how the trunk is so straight! So adorable!

Japanese Willow close up

Close up of the leaves on the tree. I’ll put some purple with it.

may night

“May Night” does well in my shaded areas, I may add some in the new garden space.


Veronika, another great possibility!

purple lavender

Perhaps some purple lavender for the perennial garden.

What do you think? Which one should I choose?

What other perennials would look great with these?

Thanks for stopping by Chatti Patti Talks Design today, check back soon for some pics of the finished garden!

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