And So To Bed…

Recently, on a certain tour of London sponsored by Modenus, (a designer’s resource) I had the incredible opportunity to sample the finest beds in Britain!

And So To Bed has recently opened their beautiful expansive 7,000 sf new Flagship showroom located at  591 Kings Road in London.

What an ingenious idea, to have a soft, medium and firm mattress all next to each other so one can try them out without getting up and moving across the room, thus forgetting how the last one felt! How many designers can fit onto this triple mattress?  Well, this certainly wasn’t everyone as some were still upstairs (that’s right) a two-story showroom, sampling the tea and biscuits with jam. (I’m the blonde on the right.)

Here at And So To Bed, they build a serious mattress which is why they are the leading luxury mattress company in Britain. No foam in the construction, nothing that will wear out. These are all organic and filled with sheep’s wool, horse hair, and 2 rows of individually wrapped stainless steel Vi-Spring springs in the mattress. It’s like having two mattresses; everything is doubled. You also have a varied selection of lovely  covers to choose from as well as different degrees of firmness. These mattresses are a practical yet wonderful investment. What’s more important than a good night’s sleep? Well if you sleep (or try to) on a poor quality bed, you know what I’m talking about.

“The bed may be centre stage, but it needs a supporting cast to show it off. And So To Bed makes stylish bedside tables, armoires, chests and dressing tables –as well as many smaller accessories including chairs, mirrors, stools and lamps.”

Just one of the beautiful beds of the multiple collections, the  Nautilus Silver Leaf Sleigh Bed is one of my favorites.

“Our luxurious bed collection is inspired by historical designs from chic French styles and pure Victorian beds to four posters fit for a castle.”

Every man’s home is his Castle, right? So what are you waiting for, give me a call and I’ll hook you up with a beautiful bed and great night’s sleep!

And yes, upstairs, tea was being served London style, just for us….Excuse me ladies, ahem, another cup please…

 Thank you to our wonderful sponsors of #BlogTourLdn, we had a wonderful time and made wonderful friendships!

Quotes: And So To Bed
Photo of Nautilus Silver Leaf Bed; courtesy of And So To Bed
All other photos: Patti Johnson, all rights reserved.

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