The #Guest #Bedroom and a #Twitterchat | #Interior Design

This week on Interior Designer Chat aka #IntDesignerChat, a weekly chat on Twitter for professional members of the Interior Design, Architectural, Home Decor and related Vendors of our Global Community, we discussed the topic of “What makes the ultimate guest bedroom?” I say ‘discussed’ because it is past, the chat takes place on Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern Time.

Mentioned on the chat by many were the luxury of monogrammed linens in the guest room so that guests would not take them home! 😉 These via Pottery Barn.

This chat, attended by hundreds in the design industry begins with about 10 minutes of greeting each other across the country or continents and then progresses to a series of questions presented by the chat moderator, Barbara Segal, who selects a weekly topic, researches it and creates just the perfect questions for the community to respond to enthusiastically.

I love the neutrality of this room, perfect for siblings or pals when coming to visit!

I must admit, I am Chatti Patti on Twitter as well, (@PJohnsonInt) as well as the Chief Ambassador of the chat, whatever that means right? It means that I do my best to welcome each tweeter into the chat which can be a challenge as there are new participants each and every week.  Andrew Dunning, (@AndrewDunning)our overseas correspondent also has an Award Winning blog and our Ambassador in Chicago, Adele Young (@adeleyoung) also has a blog.

OO La La, this southern gem, via Southern Living, offers true warmth. A stone fireplace, canopy bed and an antler chandelier make it cozy and inviting!

The participants who show up on a regular basis have become wonderful resources for one another, sharing their expert tips and often secrets to the various design dilemmas that designers often face.

This lovely room via Traditional Home offers nearly everything your guests will need to be comfortable.

Another great benefit about setting aside one hour of your week to participate or sometimes simply watch as tweets fly by at an incredibly fast pace (making between 6 – 8 MILLION impressions on people all over the world!), is the educational experience and insight to the differences within the industry in relation to the region the tweeter resides or practices. The topics are most always educational with the occasional Twitter party where we chide each other across the room at a virtual venue.

Nestled under the eves or a finished attic space, this room is comfy and inviting.

May sound crazy, but the fact is I have met many, many of these tweeters aka “strange unknown axe murderers” in real life. Yep, I have. No crazies amongst them except for..oops, almost slipped there. Some of you know all about the axe murderer statement given as advice from loving husbands as their wives fly off to destinations to hang with these, well wonderful people! I even had the opportunity to meet up with several recently at a recent trade show for the Kitchen and Bath Industry after a live tweet-up.

What a nice group of designers who I tweet with weekly on #IntDesignerChat!

Twitter offers those who invest their time into developing relationships many rewards.

For a more airy feel, the bead-board on the ceiling lends a casual air to this room, for the Masters of the house or for their guests.

I hope you enjoyed your twitter tutorial as well as the lovely pictures of bedrooms! If you would like for Patti Johnson Interiors to Transform Your Space, please contact us! Please leave a comment, we love to hear from you!

Until next time ~ Chatti Patti


One thought on “The #Guest #Bedroom and a #Twitterchat | #Interior Design

  1. Just who are those fabulous twitter people in the tub…..well almost all.

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