Foyers ~ The eyes to your Home!

Ever walk into a home and gasp!  I have. Innumerable times. Sometimes in real peoples’ homes, sometimes in show-homes and sometimes in hotels and commercial buildings. I love the anticipation of a foyer. The tale of the unknown that begins to unfold when passing over a threshold!

It’s only secondary to the curb appeal and of course your front door and related landscaping, but how often have you stood on an incredible porch surrounded by stone, two-story arches and 4′ tall hanging pendants only to get your first glimpse of what lays beyond..and be totally disappointed? Well, this is either the big miss or the big hit! Often, the neighborhood girl scout selling her cookies won’t get beyond this mysterious place, but nothing like a little teaser to let the imagination run wild!

Foyers should never, ever be cluttered! A  foyer can be grand even when not so grand in stature, by being classic and inviting! Here are some fabulous foyers that I hope you’ll enjoy!

This is somewhat simple, but stunning and make a big impression for a medium size foyer.

I adore seating in a foyer, such a wonderful and ‘soft’ way to welcome guests. Although this Foyer is narrow, it has been staged beautifully.

Don’t you just adore the cheerfulness of this entryway? Immediately, you simply must cheer up! Whomever lives here likes to have guests!

This Foyer is by Florida Design. The dramatic tangerine color in an adjoining room play off the neutral tones in the actual Foyer. A stunner for sure!

Another Foyer which appears so striking because of the bold use of color! Color is the single most simple way to add drama or impact to a space!

A more typical Foyer in regards to size yet stylishly appointed.

As you may have discerned, I like a ‘crisp’ foyer, not to say that the ornate ones leave me sad, just that there is sometimes the overwhelming, over colorful or overly decorated space that leaves no place for the eye to REST!  Giving the eye a place to rest is mental relaxation. If the foyer is too busy, it will not invoke a sense of peace in your home, and we all know how important that is! I hope this post has inspired  you to take a second look at your Foyer.

Thanks for stopping by – Chatti Patti – Till next time and leave me a message if you wish. #Cincinnati, Ohio


4 thoughts on “Foyers ~ The eyes to your Home!

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  2. Funny you blogged about foyers today because I’m releasing a post about foyers tomorrow. Great minds sister ;D. Your images are quite inspirational. I love suggesting use of wallpaper in foyers because of the instant wow upon entry to the home.

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