Are You A Builder?

When recently asked “How deep is your design?” I instantly knew what the person was asking. Because I design in layers. I approach each project from the standpoint of layers. Layers of style. Layers of product. Layers of color. Layers of texture (very  important). Layers of investment. Like a five layer cake. More to enjoy.

A Beautifully Layered Room as featured in Elle Decor (Paris)

With this approach, I am able to break down the daunting task of renovating a home or designing a home for the client. I have had young clients who are spending every cent to get the big dream home and wondering how they can ever afford to furnish it. I advise them, you do it in “layers”. At first they just stare at me, until I explain, that not many homeowners, especially, at their age, can do it all at once. In fact, I have had clients in million dollar plus homes who cannot do it all at once, because they spend more on each layer or phase, so it still happens in segments or layers. Layers don’t have to be fussy or overdone, it just takes the process one step at a time.

To define it, simply put, let’s start with the basics. Insist on some focal points, outstanding pieces, maybe only one per room to begin. Possibly adding a fireplace or freshening up the mantel and surround at some point. Must have killer lighting and a soft landing-place (sofa or chairs).  Floors have to feel good underfoot (rugs) and then frame the windows with wonderful draperies for privacy, elegance and texture. Next comes incorporating accessories like Art work, previously acquired or new, a beautiful silver bowl, an antique sideboard. Add interest to the ceiling. Add crown moldings. Beautiful table settings and mood enhancers follow suite. Specialty painted finishes, wall paper, wainscot or panelling; then the books, pillows and treasures like family pictures framed out in exquisite crystal frames add the personal touch. The unique individual stamp on a space.

Virtual Metropolitan Layered Room designed Patti Johnson Interiors using Olioboard

Homes are built in layers; and there you have it. You BUILD it. So, in a sense, I am a builder. A builder of dreams, of visions, of a beautiful space. And I love every minute of it. Thanks for stopping by ~ Chatti Patti

2 thoughts on “Are You A Builder?

  1. Thank you. Appreciate your comments, Designing or Decorating in “Layers” is always a little softer on the budget but also allows time to feel the space and add design elements to fit your lifestyle.

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