And a Happy New Year!

Have you ever thought of the phrase “Happy New Year” as more than a phrase? Such as, it begins with “Happy”! We ALL know it is a new year, but it should be happy.  What constitutes a “happy” year? Well, this is where you look deep within and determine what it is that will make you happy this year and determine to set forth to do it, in an unselfish way of course.  Spread the love, and most importantly, love yourself, even when you don’t achieve the level of organization you dream of in your home or work space.  You cannot love others if you don’t love yourself. I’m not talking about self-love, where it’s all about the “me” but where you accept yourself with the God-given gifts you have and seek to excel in what you are good at, not what you think others expect of you or even what you think you expect of yourself.

Focus on what you are good at and the rest will fall into place.  Not really profound, but profoundly liberating.

I just began blogging recently and at first I was so upset that I couldn’t find the time to update weekly as I’ve been told I should.  I will update when there is something to update, such as this awesome project I am working on, a Creative Arts Studio.  This week, the final spec binders will be given to the client, architect, engineer and contractor and building permits will be applied for with a walk through on the 12th.  Much planning has gone into this developing concept and I am so excited to see the final product that I can hardly stand it and I will post pics as progress takes place. I love Interior Design and just thinking about it makes me “happy”!

So, be Happy – this New Year. Just determine to be happy whether you feel happy or not, don’t base your daily outlook on a feeling, just be determined to let your light shine! Meanwhile, please enjoy this painting from Claudia Engel, a Watercolorist in New York state on the Hudson River, also my cousin….

Watercolor by Claudia Engel


One thought on “And a Happy New Year!

  1. Love the latest blog post and watercolor painting! Cannot wait to see some pictures of the Creative Arts studio you are working on!

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