Engaging in Chicago~#IntDesignerChat

Attended a live tweetchat at Lightology in Chicago last Tuesday, arranged by Barbara Segal, founder of Interior Designer Chat and Sponsors KraftmaidPro, DeNova, Brizo, Igloo Studios and SpecifyApp. What an incredible evening, I’ll be sharing some photos below.  The showroom is a lovely destination point for any designer or design enthusiast, with its vast array of hanging art that happens to be light at the same time! Thank you Lightology for the wine and dine in your showroom! A lot of local people came out to see what it was all about.

Keeping up with lively chat can be challenging!

Here I am doing what I do on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm EST where the Interior Design Community comes together to share information and ideas about various design related topics!

Some of the attendees following and adding to chat!

Here some of the “chatters” are lending their expertise to the evenings topic of, Lighting, of course!

This was a great opportunity to meet the other folks who would be attending the educational event the following day at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. There we would be trained by an expert on Google SketchUP! When I say expert, he wrote the book, literally.  Here is his picture with me and B.R.Judge after the Design Competition. His name is Mike Tadros and he did an excellent job teaching the “creative” sorts how to draw straight lines. Well, more than that, but I do understand the software very well now and am impressed with Google SketchUP and its extensive capabilities.

Alex with Igloo Studios

Above, Alex of Igloo Studios shares with some friends who came for the party. Alex later would be a judge for the Interior Design Competition and I’ll share more about that later.

Socializing at the Party - IDC2010

One last picture to leave you with from the Party at Lightology during IDC2010!  Huge thanks to IDC founder Barbara Segal for creating this great event with a lively kick-off party.  Won’t you join us next year?

Be sure and check my blog post coming soon all about the Design Challenge!!!


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