The Creative Arts Studio – Creativity Required!

First of all, I have been blessed with some wonderful clients through the years! How awesome is it when they call you back again and again. I value their trust in me as well as in my talents and ethics,  including my work ethic.  I truly am a designer who desires to give the client their dream, not my own, although I do a lot of directing. Sure, I have a signature style and the Midwest is peppered with my signature on all of the homes I have purchased, renovated and moved on from. I used to think the world of Interior Design would be so much better if clients would just let me do what I wanted, but where’s the challenge and stretch in that? The true value of your skill comes into play when you are charged with a project that wasn’t even on your radar screen, which brings us back to the project at hand.  The creative arts studio.

Day one presented me with a 20′ by 100′ long concrete box which will be turned into a vanilla box for the tenant by the plaza owner which will then be transformed into a beautiful, creative and innovative place for minds of all ages.  This space is a new concept with distribution and franchise rights for the entire state of Ohio.

Day two was a surprise.  Upon meeting my client at “The Space” she informed me that overnight, as the contractors were constructing a wall to separate Space #1 from future Space #2 that a sprinkler head had been hit, thus flooding the entire space, ruining the ceiling and hardwood, handscraped walnut flooring.  Oh, did I mention that the water went all the way down the plaza to the nice chiropractor’s office. Yep.

Anyway, it proved to be a blessing in disguise and the ceiling and flooring would be removed, not at my client’s cost and a credit given for a new and improved version which got my juices flowing very nicely, thank you. Aha, ideas running rampant.

But you will have to wait for all the deets, I just finished initial space planning and layout for the space which will be ADA compliant and very green in fact. Stay tuned, I won’t let you down!


7 thoughts on “The Creative Arts Studio – Creativity Required!

  1. Hi Jane,

    Thanks so much for your interest! I’m sure the process will be interesting and I hope to post about it in an interesting way!

  2. Thank you Polo, I have begun using Specify for this project, as shown in the post “Making Progress”. Looking forward to learning all the featurs!

  3. Wow! Blog looks great! Cannot wait to check in and see progress on the Creative Arts studio! I love reading about your design process and thoughts. Thanks!

  4. Congrats on getting the blog up! I always like seeing the before for any project.

    I’d love to see if you could use our software to help manage this. We’d be more than happy to provide it at no cost, and we’d work closely on adding even more features to exactly meet your needs. Thanks.

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